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A Goofy Movie Disney Movie Is A Classic 

How Some Disney Characters Deal With Life

A Goofy Movie Disney Movie was released in 1995, staring the characters from the Goof Troop television series. The movie was a combination of both Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution productions.  In this animation feature we get to see Goofy being himself, and Max Goof’s dad.  Max made his first appearance on Goof Troop, however in the movie he is now a teenager, with all a teenagers problems.

The movie opens with Max and Goofy, two classic Disney Characters, having a hectic morning.  Once Max is at school he decides to get rid of the goof label on him and to impress Roxanne, the girl he has a crush on.  During the Principals Speech Max traps Principal Mazur and glides out on stage performing Powerline’s hit song “Stand Out”.  However his goofiness shows though and he trips over a camera cord, falling through the screen he used to keep everyone from guessing who he was.  However when he falls onto the stage everyone is cheering him and when smoke fills the air, Max moonwalks across the stage.  Max’s big finally and grand entrance are ruined when the Principal catches him mid air.

A Goofy Movie Disney MovieThe Principal tells poor Goofy that if Max doesn't get under control he will end up a criminal and die the electric chair.  Now parents don't worry the Principal is only exaggerating and Max turns out just fine.  Goofy decides to take matters into his own hands and after being inspired by a bobble head from a store, Goofy take Max on a fishing trip in Idaho.  This is the same place Goofy’s own dad took him when Goofy was Max’s age.


Max doesn't share his Dad’s enthusiasm and thinks it is the end of the world.  Max wanted to take Roxanne to her friend’s party and now it seems some other guy will get to instead.  Max’s new found coolness and the girl of his dreams is slipping out of grasp.  Max trying to keep things moving his way, he tells Roxanne that he is going to L.A. to see Powerline live, and that he will be dancing with Powerline for their final number.

Max has made a huge mistake and his lie is thrown back into his face, when Roxanne states that she will watch the concert at her friends house.  Even more depressed than before Max climbs reluctantly into the car with Goofy and their crazy fishing vacation begins.  Goofy and Max are forced to sleep in the car when Big Foot chases them and their keys are lost.  While Goofy is asleep Max changes the Destination on the map.   The following morning Goofy tells Max he is in charge of directions and Max chooses where they stop from now on.  Goofy and Max begin to have a good time until Pete tells Goofy he overheard the boys talking about what Max had done.

Max doesn't know what is wrong when Goofy is upset until they face a dangerous waterfall. You'll have to watch the movie to find out the rest.