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Cheetah Girl From The Disney Channel


Disney Channel Looks To Capture A Bigger Share Of The Teenage Girl Market


The Cheetah Girl from the Disney Channel is the name of a new groups of movies produced under the Disney banner.  The basic premise of the first movie, released in 2003, is four teenage girls Galleria, Chanel, Aqua, and Dorinda who for a girl band and set out to take the music world by storm.  Galleria is played by Raven-Symone, Chanel by Adrienne Bailon, Aqua by Kiely Williams, and Dorinda by Sabrina Bryan. 


The movie is based on the young adult book series authored by Deborah Gregory.  It was originally developed for airing on the Disney Channel with the idea of capturing the teenage girls in the untapped African American market.


The sequel, Cheetah Girls II takes the band on the road to Spain. The girls struggle with homesickness and strengthen each other through togetherness. The efforts to keep the group together must overcome a romantic interest for Dorinda, Aqua's desire to be a fashion designer and Galleria's questioning of the Cheetah credo.  The 3rd movie is set in India where the girls will be in a movie.  Raven Symone doesn't star in this movie as she is doing television work in That's so Raven. 


Cheetah Girl from the Disney Channel

There has been an entire line of products associated with the teen group including CD's and T-shirts with the slogan "growl power". 


The movie makes some attempts political correctness in its choice of cast members who reflect a melting pot, yet still manages to be fairly innocuous and predictable. 

It makes a nice representative picture of teenage egocentrism and the belief that wanting something enough can make it happen.



Raven Symone is a talented singer, being the youngest every signed by MCA records and is the star of That's So Raven as well as being originally signed for the Cheetah group TV series.  She has a sizable list of acting credits in addition to the two Disney Channel movies and the television series which bears her name.


Chanel is played by Adrienne Bailon who has been singing sing the age of 5.  She's a member of the R&B group called 3LW of which Kiely Williams is also a member. They are preparing for the release of album number 3. Adrienne is the oldest of the Cheetahs with a 1983 birth date.


Kiely Williams is also a member of 3LW and plays the character known as Aqua or Aquanetta Walker.  She has been signed for the TV show


Dorinda is played by Sabrina Bryan. She is a student at Chapman University and is also scheduled to go on tour promoting the soundtrack for the second movie.


Lori Ann Alter is played by Juanita Simmons, who has an extensive list of acting credits in her resume. 


The movies and television series in the planning stages have proved to be very popular with just the age group they were intended to reach. Young girls who love the music, the fashion and the fan club mentality of the age. The shows have a driving intensity in the music and in the energy of the characters.