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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diecast Toy In Disney Pixar Cars Version


Dale Earnhardt Jr Is Popular With Nascar Fans


The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diecast Toy in Disney Pixar Cars Version is a character named Junior. His #8 2002 Red NASCAR stock car without the Budweiser sponsorship appears with the letters Dale Earnhardt Jr on the trailer with the theatrical release of the film. NASCAR regulations do not permit sponsorship markings for alcohol or tobacco products to be used in children’s releases of products. Instead of the Budweiser sponsorship, Junior is sponsored by Dale Earnhardt.  And, unlike the other racers, Junior doesn’t appear in the Cars game. The DVD does not contain these markings.  Dale Earnhardt Jr is the voice of the Junior character.


Junior is a fan of the King and expresses concern over Lightning’s disappearance in a brief news conference. Dale Earnhardt Jr has many items in his official store including the 1:64 scale #8 Budweiser sponsored die cast version similar to the character of Junior in the Cars movie.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diecast Toy in Disney Pixar Cars Version


Although the Pixar series doesn’t include Junior, several die cast versions are sold in the NASCAR store, 1:64 scale, a 1:32 scale model radio controlled car and a 1:24 scale model of this very distinctive race car with Budweiser markings.  A radio controlled model of the distinctive number 8 in for sale on the NASCAR store site.





Dale Earnhardt Jr items are popular items both as gear for adults and as children’s die cast toys items. At least a dozen different Earnhardt car issues have been made with the #8 sponsorship by Budweiser.  There are also Earnhardt cars issues to commemorate various wins by this driver.  Monte Carlo and Daytona are just two of the toys issued in commemoration.


Cars: The Movie used the voices of several well-known NASCAR drivers, including Dale Earnhardt, and relied heavily on drivers for not only dialogue, but the realism that comes from knowing the subject. One gets the impression that the real drivers were thrilled to be a part of the computer animated race car movie. 


During the making of the movie, the animators worked closely with several race drivers, not only for the speaking voices, but for racing details to add life and color to the dialogue and the movie action.  The animators at Pixar also spent time enjoying the Fantasy World of automobiles near the studio. It is quite likely that inspiration for some of the cars that appeared in the movie came from Fantasy World car museum.


Lines of auto bodies, details of lights and grill all were studied in an effort to make the movie cars stay true to both real life appearance, and to the predetermined personality which was decided for the particular vehicle.


It is also interesting to note that not only was the animators able to provide the Cars characters with a personality matching a design of a specific model of a car, but were then able to use the voices of the real people who matched the model of the car and the personality.