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Watch Closely The Little Mermaid Bloopers


Disney Movie Bloopers have bee seen in almost any of the movies.  These have ranged from characters changing clothes twice in the middle of a short sequence, to subways running on one side of the set of track for a time, then switching to the other side. These are bloopers, not deliberate sexual material slipped into the movie. There is some evidence that there is NO evidence on almost all of the supposed 'naughty' Disney errors.




During the climax scene when Ariel and Eric are fighting Ursula.  Eric assures Ariel that he will save her, but although you can hear his voice, his lips don't move. When Triton destroys all of Ariel's things, you can see the face of the statue of Eric disintegrate. Yet, later, the face is intact. When Ariel climbs on the boat to stop the wedding of Eric and Ursula, one time when she speaks she's wearing shoes, and the next time she's not wearing shoes. When the chef pounds on the table and Sebastian flies into the air, the bowls and pans that were in the background on the counter disappear, then reappear.


Disney Movie BloopersBEAUTY AND THE BEAST


During a camera pan of the street scene, a pig-shaped sign is seen with the word 'jamon' on it.  Jamon is Spanish for ham.  The French word is Jambon. Beast slashes a picture diagonally with his claws.  Later in the movie, the same slashed picture is shown, only in the second view, the diagonal slash runs the opposite direction. When Gaston holds the mirror to show Belle the image of Beast, she is wearing an apron.  When she turns to Gaston to say 'No", she is sans apron.  When Gaston comes to Belle's front door to propose marriage, the door opens outward.  It again opens outward when she pushes him out of her house, but when she flings his boots out the door after him, she opens the door inward.




When Lightning McQueen is impounded, an immobilization lock is placed on his front wheel.  Tow Mator comes to tow Lightning to traffic court and prepares to tow him with the rear wheels off the ground..  Lightning McQueen changes colors two or three times during the movie, including at some intervals that make it unlikely there was time to slip into the paint booth.




During the sequence where they are singing 'Girl Power' Aqua has gold hoop earrings on, seconds later, one earring disappears, only to almost immediately reappear.




While Aladdin is dancing and singing his first song, suddenly a piece of bread appears in his hand.  During the magic carpet ride, the couple flies by the full moon, yet later when they see the moon reflected in the water of the river, it's a crescent moon. The fountain is empty until Jasmine sings and plays with the lilies and fish in the water, then later it is empty again.


It does seem as if it would lessen the enjoyment of the movie magic, if one is watching the movies only to find things to pick at.