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Disney Pixar Cars Flip Out Sofa/Bed


Lightning McQueen On A Foam Mattress?


The Disney Pixar Cars flip out sofa bed is perfect for the racer in your family.  Intended for the child ages one through five, the furniture during the day is a sofa measuring 17 ½” x 27” x 11 ½”.  During the night, or at naptime, the sofa flips out to become a child sized sofa bed. Best of all with a weight of only 3.6 pounds it’s so lightweight that even a child can place it were he wants it.  The seat and the back sections lay out flat to make a mattress that will accommodate one to two children easily.


The back of the sofa bed remains stationary.  It’s thick foam covered in bright red polyester and cotton blend fabric which is removable for easy washing. The sides of the sofa bed are also stationary foam covered in vibrant bright blue polyester and cotton blend fabric.  When fully extended the foam mattress features pictures of Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera, and Tow Mater in full color in two different poses.  The polyester cotton slip cover is removable so that it can be easily laundered and replaced on the sofa bed.


Disney Pixar Cars flip out sofa/bed


Because of its light weight, the Cars flip out sofa bed can be easily moved to the family room for TV watching, or even taken along to provide a child’s bed when visiting away from home.  When your child has a sleepover guest, there will be an extra bed with very little effort on your part. 





When you are preparing a “Cars: The Movie” theme room for your preschooler, you will find that this is an item which is child-sized, serves a dual purpose, is bright and vibrant in color, and is an easy care item. Because it’s soft and easy care, it won’t hurt to let your child jump on this bed.  During quiet times, this flip out sofa bed makes a great place for your child to sit and read a story book, or to color a picture about Lightning McQueen or one of the other Cars characters.


Imagine his delight to be able to watch Cars: The Movie from his very own Cars lip out sofa bed. He will be the envy of all his friends whether or not they have seen the movie.  You know you won’t be able to resist buying the DVD once it comes out, just to finish the room theme perfectly.


Probably the major drawback with the Pixar Cars Flip Out Sofa is that your child will more than likely outgrow the sofa bed before he gets tired of using it or wears it out. With its easy clean features and sturdy fabric slip cover, you should probably plan having the sofa bed around for a very long time.


Wal-Mart distributes the flip out sofa beds at an online price of $29.84 currently plus delivery fees. Don’t forget to order the Cars sheet sets and microfiber blanket to finish the linens needed for this child-pleasing sofa bed.