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Disney Movie Oliver & Company Lesson Plan


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The Disney movie Oliver & Company lesson plan was released in 1988 and re-released in 1996.  This animated classic is rather loosely based upon the story Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens.  The protagonist in this case if Oliver, a kitten and the gang of Fagin's boys is a pack of dogs of various mixed breeds.  Fagin is a pickpocket who's not making enough to pay his rent. 


He's in deep trouble with Sykes, a loan shark.  Fagin tries a ruse, as describe in Disney movie lesson plans, to get something to steal in order to pawn for money to save himself.  Oliver and Dodger, the dog pal attempt to steal a radio from a limousine driven by the butler Winston.  The wires short out and Oliver is entangled until found by Jenny, the daughter of the limousine owners who are in Europe.  Jenny rescues Oliver and gives him a loving home.  Dodger and the rest of the dogs don't realize that Oliver considers his home to be with Jenny and doesn't particularly want to go back and join his dog pals.


Disney movie Olive & Company lesson planOnce Oliver is back with Fagin and the dogs, Fagin sets up a plan to force Oliver's new owner to ransom him.  Jenny receives a map to guide her to Fagin's location where Fagin plans to convince Sykes that this will pay off the debt. 

Fagin gets an additional 12 hours, a feeling sorry for Jenny, he returns her pet to her.  Sykes thereupon kidnaps Jenny.





A series of actions to save Jenny including a chase through city streets with Fagin on his minicycle.  Jenny is thrown onto the hood of Sykes car where Oliver tries to save her.  Sykes's Dobermans are thrown from the car and onto the subway rail.  Sykes car is hit by a train and thrown into the river.  Dodger manages to save Oliver from the submerged car.


Jenny's birthday is celebrated the next day with Fagin and all attending and while they are enjoying the party, Jenny's parent's call from Rome to say they are returning home.  Oliver stays with Jenny while Fagin and his menagerie return to their home.


Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Huey Lewis and Ruth Pointer provided vocals for the sound track of the movie, and the lyrics for Once Upon a Time in New York City was written by Howard Ashton who was also part of the team for Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast.


Oliver and Company was the first Disney movie to make extensive use of computer animation.  Previously, computer animation was only used for special sequences. It was also the first Disney movie to introduce the new sound effects rather than the original sounds heard in Disney movies prior to this one.


Another first in the animated film was the use of real life products in advertising.  For instance, advertisements appear in the New York City sequences of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Ryder Truck and USA Today.  These were not paid ad inclusions, but just the advertising one would see in the city and added a touch of realism to the animation.