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Family Room Resorts Near Disney World


Avoid The Pitfalls Of Disney Lodging


As might be expected, there are literally thousands of Family room resorts near Disney world.  Many of the new resorts have been built in or near Kissimmee on U.S. Highway 192.  Many of these vacation Ownership Resorts, previously known as Timeshares have nightly rentals which can be reserved and the rates are often surprisingly low. Most of the resorts don't impose any conditions to the rental except for paying the nightly rate.  A more recent type of program which you can find at these resorts is a Mini-Vacation.  You are invited to spend a short time at the resort during which you are expected to attend a presentation.  You may receive a significant amount of pressure to purchase a vacation lodging.


Presumably you have been informed in advance that you will need to attend the sessions with the sales and marketing people.  They may send an invitation to your rooms, or you may receive a telephone call from the concierge.  You should definitely check in advance so that if great Disney lodging price is just a sales promotion you can be prepared.

Family room resorts near Disney worldThese lovely resort areas are definitely prime vacation sites.  Some of the resorts have great tennis facilities, a gold course, or health spa.  One such resort has its own water park as part of the ownership package.


An online search will help you locate one of these resorts for your next Disney World vacation.  Your travel agent can also assist in directing you to resort lodging in the area.  Prices at these resorts will depend on the season as well as the nearness to Walt Disney World.  Generally the number of other amenities which are available at the location will also have an impact on the price.  Some of the hotel type resorts are actually quite similar to large hotels in any part of the United States.  Others are almost akin to Walt Disney World Resorts in the amenities.  Since the WDW Resort is not more than a few miles from many of the resorts, there are more than enough recreational opportunities. 


Not only do visitors attend Walt Disney World, there is also Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and Gatorland in the vicinity.


Just east of I-4 are other resorts, such as Star Island Resort, with all its celebrity owners and Barefootn' in the Keys.  The secluded Resort of Oak Plantation is near

There are other Resorts in different sections of US 192, we should mention that there are several just east of I-4 including: Barefootn' In The Keys and Star Island Resort, so named because of the number of celebrity owners. A little further down, and somewhat hidden, is the Resort of Oak Plantation.  Star Island Resort is a Mediterranean style villa resort with world class tennis courts and the Vic Braden Tennis College with nine separate courts for all levels of play.


Many of the better resorts have superior restaurant service nearby so that your vacation lodging is somewhat self-contained.  You can enjoy fishing, tennis, amusement parks and general sightseeing in this Central Florida location.