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Free Disney Movie Music That Is Popular


Can Disney Soundtracks Top Their Films, Features, And Television Shows?   


Not only has Disney Produced some of the greatest movies ever but their soundtracks carry you away and back to that special place in all of us.  Looking for Free Disney Movie Music? Well here is a small listing of some of the greatest songs found on Disney Soundtracks used Classic Disney films. 


Bambi Soundtrack Listing


1 .  Love Is A Song

2.   Sleepy Morning In The Woods

3.   Exploring

4.   Little April Shower

5.   The Meadow

6.   Gallop Of The Stags

7.   Autumn

8.   The End Of Winter

9.   Wintery Winds

10.  Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song

11.  It Could Even Happen To Flower

12.  Bambi Gets Twitterpated

13.  Looking For Romance 

14.  Man Returns

15.  Fire

16.  Rain Drops 

17.  Bonus Interview - Introduced By Richard Kiley: Walt Disney

18.  Bonus Interview - Introduced By Richard Kiley: Ollie Johnston And Frank Thomas

19.  Bonus Interview - Introduced By Richard Kiley: Henry Mancini


 Free Disney Movie Music



Cars Soundtrack listing


1.      Film Opening-Real Gone . "Piston Cup" race. Original Version

2.      Popular Version-Route 66. Original Version by Nat King Cole.

3.      Life Is a Highway Journey to California. Original Version by Tom Cochrane.

4.      Behind the Clouds Original Version. Re-used in Mater and the Ghostlight. Could barely be heard at Flo's cafe before Lightning tells the

    locals that Doc is a racecar

5.     Our Town Story of decline of Radiator Springs. Original Version.

6.      Nominated for Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards

7.      Nominated for Best Original Song at the 79th Academy Awards.

8.      Sh-Boom The light recreations of Radiator Springs- The Chords. Original Version.

9.      Route 66 Ending Credits- John Mayer. New Version.

10.   Nominated for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards

11.   Find Yourself Original Version- Brad Paisley.

12.   Randy Newman -Opening Race Score.

13.   Randy Newman -McQueen's Lost Score.

14.   Hank Williams -My Heart Would Know Original Version.

15.   Bessie Score.

16.   Dirt Is Different Score.

17.   New Road Score.

18.   Tractor Tipping Score.

19.   McQueen and Sally Score.

20.   Goodbye Score.

21.   Pre-Race Pageantry Score.

22.  The Piston Cup Score.

23.  The Big Race Score.


Oliver and Company Soundtrack listing


1.      Huey Lewisn  -Once Upon a Time in New York City

2.      Billy Joel -Why Should I Worry?

3.      Ruth Pointer -Streets of Gold

4.      Bette Midler -Perfect Isn't Easy

5.      Myhanh Tran -Good Company

6.      (instrumental) -Sykes

7.      (instrumental) -Bedtime Story

8.      (instrumental) -The Rescue

9.      (instrumental) -Pursuit Throught The Subway

10.   Ruben Blades -Buscando Guayaba -

11.  (instrumental) -End Title


Pinocchio Soundtrack


1.      "When You Wish Upon a Star" - Jiminy Cricket; Chorus

2.      "Little Wooden Head" - Geppetto

3.      "Give a Little Whistle" - Jiminy Cricket; Pinocchio

4.      "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)" - J. Worthington Foulfellow

5.      "I've Got No Strings" - Pinocchio

6.      "When You Wish Upon a Star (Reprise)" - Jiminy Cricket; Chorus


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Soundtrack


1.      "I'm Wishing/One Song" - Snow White, The Prince

2.      "With a Smile and a Song" - Snow White

3.      "Whistle While You Work" - Snow White

4.      "Heigh-Ho" - The Dwarfs

5.      "The Washing Song" (AKA "Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum") - The Dwarfs

6.      "The Silly Song" (AKA "The Dwarfs' Yodel Song") - The Dwarfs

7.      "Some Day My Prince Will Come" - Snow White

8.      "One Song (Reprise)" - The Prince and Chorus

9.      "Someday My Prince Will Come (Reprise)" - Chorus


I used these personally because each of these movies were a favorite of mine and my family.  So why not find your favorite Disney shows and see what songs came from them.