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Free Piano Music For Aladdin


Leading The Way With The Song Arabian Nights 


At least some of the Free Piano Music for Aladdin is available on many sites.  Some of the sheet music is even free.   The music for Aladdin was written by Alan Menken with long-time partner Howard Ashman who died before completing the Aladdin project.  The balance of the lyrics were provided by Tim Rice.  Arabian Nights song is the lead-in song written by Ashman and Menken. 


The song is included in several piano solo, piano accompaniment and easy piano collections, as well as sheet music of the individual song. There are hints of Arabian influence and one can almost see the camel caravan making its way across the desert. Some versions emphasize the beat more strongly than others, while the minor reprise is more obvious in some versions.  This song does appear in some piano collections, but is probably more effective as part of a whole such as a pop band concert piece.


Free Piano Music for Aladdin


The second song in the Disney movie is "One Jump Ahead" which introduces the main character Aladdin.  The lyrics are sprightly as is the music.  This piece was written by the Rice-Menken partnership. Again, is a piece which is probably more appropriate as a concert pop band piece, because of the variety of sounds, tonal quality and effects provided.  As a piano piece, only a hint of the complexity of the piece could be provided.   The song is described by Menken as a frenetic Arabic Charleston.



Next comes the "Friend Like Me".  Menken states that this is his favorite of the Aladdin tunes.  It's done in the Fats Waller/ Cab Calloway style.  In the movie, it's sung by the Genie. It's hard to imagine a piano player doing justice to the speed and complexity of this piece. It can also be done as a swing style big band type piece. Howard Ashman provided the lyrics for this tune.


Prince Ali written by Menken and Ashman is repeated with a reprise with different, more sarcastic lyrics toward the end of the movie. This song celebrates Prince Ali's entrance and in the film is a full production number.  There's still a strong beat to the song and the wordplay is excellent.


An example is "A Whole New World" sure to be the new romantic song for the season.  "A Whole New World" was written by Alan Menken with the lyrics by Tim Rice.  This duet has been recorded by several pairs already and promises to eventually include more. Menken feels that it is one of the best and most romantic pieces he's done. The song is sprightly with no melancholy hints at all. A Whole New World is probably the one song which will go on to independent stardom from the movie. It's already being done as a vocal duet with piano accompaniment. piano solos of some of the pieces, choral pop groups, as well as various sizes of concert bands and ensembles.


One additional piece which may be difficult to find in piano arrangements is Proud of Your Boy.  This song was cut from the movie.