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Free Sheet Music For Aladdin


Finding Music Notes For Disney Movies Can Be Scavenger Hunt 


Even though the movie was released several years ago and is available on DVD, Free Sheet Music for Aladdin continues to be popular.  Most of the songs have sheet music written for different instruments either instrumental or vocal or both. 


With the wide availability of internet sites where sheet music is available and can be printed out within a matter of moments, true sheet music is getting harder to find. You can go to a site such as MusicNotes.com and enter the song title.  In the case of the popular love ballad duet sung by Princess Jasmine and Aladdin while on the magic carpet ride known as “A Whole New World.”


You know the song as a haunting duet with the special sound of Alan Menken’s music; but did you know you can also find “A Whole New World” as a selection in a dozen or more fake books.  A Whole New World has sheet music available for a choral ensemble, a three part choir, a two part choir, a four part choir, and a four part choir plus choral ensemble.


Free Sheet Music for Aladdin 

Turning to the piano,

you can find A Whole New World sheet music in every level of piano

difficulty from beginner to concert level. 

The sheet music is scored for guitar, brass, woodwinds, strings and keyboard.  It’s even scored for a Xylotone and for a ukulele.




You can find it as a solo, and a duet, with or without accompaniment. You can also even find the surrounding text occasionally, so that the song could be placed in the context of a stage performance of parts of Aladdin including musical numbers.


Furthermore, A Whole New World is even found in a collection of hymns, which seems a bit of a stretch, although one could understand why it might be included as part of a wedding folio.


The difficulty with having music such as that of Aladdin so readily available is that every performance suddenly is including a rendition of a song such as “A Whole New World,” and eventually the song loses its freshness and appeal.  If it is poorly done, by the performers, that’s even worse.  Still, one could hardly say the song shouldn’t be performed except by professionals or gifted amateurs. 


Most performers want to be heard, and enjoy and interaction with the audience.  Certainly by choosing a song such as one of the popular selections from Aladdin, you know you’ve picked something that many more people will recognize than one of the more modern or even one of the classical pieces.


Since a successful performance is a matter of bringing your audience along with you to enjoy the music, it may be better to choose something that is middle of the road in order to gain the maximum recognition factor. To take a piece that most people know and put your own interpretation on the song and make it something that’s uniquely your version is far better than just reciting words set to music.