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Walt Disney Characters Never Stop Being Popular 


Free Walt Disney Clipart is some of the most popular clipart for children and adults alike.  The pictures range in size from thumbnail sketches to full pages suitable for coloring pages. Originally clip art was created by cutting out line drawings or illustrations and pasting them to a page, usually newspaper sized where the text part of the advertisement or feature would be.  This process was known as phototypesetting.  With the advent of desktop publishing, clipart images could be picked up as a small computer file and placed anywhere on a page. 


Cipart now comes in most mediums, ranging from newsprint to clothing to web pages and the popularity of clipart related to Walt Disney and Walt Disney characters pictures continues to grow. Although there is much interest in Disney character clipart and many sites which are listed as royalty free clipart, in fact much of the free clipart on in the internet is actually copyrighted under existing law.


Care should be taken, particularly if the clipart is to be used on items for resale, so that existing copyright laws are not being broken. 


Free Walt Disney Clipart


Clip art today, including that illustrating Walt Disney characters and movies can be black and white such as a line drawing; it can be in full color; and it is often animated.  Some clipart is even multimedia with songs from Disney movies being a common occurrence.  The animated and multimedia clipart, of course is suitable for web art, web cards and web pages. Other media types used in clipart works well for homemade greeting cards, stamps, decorating notebooks, theme covers, and scrapbooks.  The possibilities are endless. 


You can find all the favorite Disney characters in clipart, both the well known stars such as Belle and the Mickie Mouse, but others that could mostly be considered suitable for trivia contests. If it has appeared in a Disney movie or TV show, probably someone has already created a clipart image. 


Free clipart images of the Disney characters are often used to lure Disney aficionados to a site where they will purchase the retail items or follow the links to other Disney partner sites.  It is apparent from viewing some of the websites featuring free clipart for Disney characters that literally hours of drawing and coloring time have been spent on the images. 


While the clipart items are whimsical and decorative, occasionally one will find a site that is somewhat overdone with images of the Disney characters.  It's as if the web page creator was a first of all a Disney fan and secondly was afraid of any blank space on the page, so they filled up the white areas with dancing Plutos, waving Mickeys, roaring Simbas and growling Beasts.  Unfortunately this type of decoration is often animated or worse yet, animated and singing.  Sometimes characters from different movies are placed next to each other. 


In this effort as with any decorating medium, it's wise to understand the meaning of understated.  A few clipart figures, be they Disney favorites or otherwise goes a long ways.