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Can You Find The Hidden Mickeys


People are always claiming to see Hidden Disney Movie Stuff.  Some of these sightings are actually supported by fact.  Others provide a great deal of amusement and entertainment for those who are convinced they saw something and others who think there must be a totally logical explanation. 




Hidden Mickeys are one of the verified things which people have great fun in finding.  Unfortunately know one knows how many of these hidden Mickeys are actually out there and whether or not the one you find has been already verified by someone else.  There are web sites devoted to the location, verification and documentation of hidden Mickeys.  Actually, many of the hidden Mickeys are not hidden at all, but are in plain sight.  They appear though, where you would not expect to see the three circles which make up the hidden Mickey logo.


A hidden Mickey can be a manicured shrub, or paving stones, or even a tiny detail in a painting.  A hidden Mickey can be found in a shipload of Viking sailors and even in the pupils of the eyes on a mural. 


Hidden Disney Movie StuffPHALLIC SYMBOLS


Many of these have supposedly been placed in movies, or on the covers of videos.  At least twice, the cover of a home video edition has contained a castle with turrets appearing to be something other than the normal building materials.  Others have stated that during the Be Our Guest scene in Beauty and the Beast, A dildo can be seen dancing with the cups and spoons. 






Often, the things which are supposed to be hidden in Disney movies are hard to see.  For example a two frame view of a woman with bared breasts shows in the background of a chase scene in The Rescuers.  It is only by using sophisticated video equipment which can show frame by frame action that the image can be scene.  Regular home viewing and even movie theater viewing would not have revealed this picture, yet Disney company recalled a release of the movie and offered to replace any copies turned in. 


Michael Eisener's home phone number supposedly appeared in edition of The Rescuers mixed in with the graffiti on the restroom wall. This is so well hidden it has not been confirmed. 


Another questionable hidden image is that of Jessica's underwear.  Supposedly in several scenes she is sans panties when thrown from a vehicle. This is one of the incidents where there is a great deal of disagreement as to what is depicted. 


If you look carefully you can see an unusual crowd member in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  It's Belle, reading a book, as usual. The same street scene shows the flying carpet getting a shaking, and a rooftop satellite dish, as well as two men carrying the Lion King's Pumbaa


Whether you believe that the hidden things are placed in the movies as a joke, revenge, or sheerly accident and misconception, you can enjoy the debate that accompanies each new sighting of some unusual Disney movie feature.