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The List of All Walt Disney Movies numbers in the hundreds now.  Over 65 movies have been released by the Disney Channel Original Movie group to date. Walt Disney Productions and Walt Disney Pictures have also produced dozens of movies.  If you add to these impressive group, the presentations by Pixar, you find an impressive list of both animated and non-animated movies.  Many categorizations have been made of the greats where Disney movies are concerned, but the top ten box office gross Disney features still includes Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first Disney animated full-length movie made from 1937. 


Disney's top grossing movies at present include Pirates of the Caribbean with a outstanding success for the movie and its sequel.  The third film in the trilogy is due to be released for 2007 summer viewing. 


On the animated side, Ratouille is set to be released in June, 2007.  This movie about the dreams of a rat to be a French chef promises to be a lot of fun


Meet the Robinsons was released in early 2007 and is a futuristic romp with animated characters


Underdog is set for release on August 7, 2007.  This is a combination of live action and computer generated imaging.


Later in 2007, just in time for the holidays is the release of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, in which Mrs Claus is expecting a baby.


The Bridge to Terabithia came out in movie theaters in February 2007 and will soon appear in DVD form.  This is a combination of live action and animation.  Two 11 year old children create an imaginary kingdom filled with trolls, giants and other creatures who are subject to the two young heroes.  This is a great concept based on a Newbery award winning children's classic.


Also in November, 2007 Enchanted is due to be released.  This film is a combination live action and animated movie in which a fairy tale princess type is banished from life in a fairy tale to life in present day New York City.  Another interesting concept, with the evil queen, the Prince Charming and other requisite happily ever after characters.  It remains to be seen how effective the combination of the 2-D animation and the live action will be.


List of All Walt Disney MoviesThe release date for Game Plan has not yet been announced, but expectations are during the fall of 2007. The plot deals with NFL star becoming parent to a daughter he was unaware of for seven years.


Other upcoming Disney films with release dates not specified, but probably during 2008 is the release of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  With the success of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, it is hardly surprising that the second book in the C S Lewis classic children's series should be slated for production and release. Until the Pirates of the Caribbean surpassed it, the first Chronicles of Narnia book was the highest grossing Disney live action film in history. The next two books in the Narnia series are also in the pipeline for future movie release.