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Lyrics From The Movie Aladdin


Many Great Songs Have Come From The Soundtracks Of A Disney Movie


Award-winning Lrics from the Movie Aladdin movie include several songs that are not only catchy but humorous. 


Howard Ashman, lyricist, musical comedy librettist and director of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid is credited with the idea of the Aladdin story as an animated musical with the unmistakable Disney stamp.  This was in 1988 while he and collaborator Alan Menken had not yet completed The Little Mermaid work. 


Ashman wrote the initial treatment of the Aladdin movie and with Alan Menken completed six of the Aladdin songs, including “Prince Ali,” “Friend Like Me,” and “Arabian Nights.” Alan Menken scored the movie and completed the six songs written by Ashman, prior to Ashman’s death in 1991. Menken is well known for his work on other Disney productions, notably the Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Lyrics from the Movie Aladdin


After Ashman's death in 1991, Tim Rice signed on as lyricist to write additional lyrics, outstandingly “A Whole New World” and "One Jump Ahead." Prior to the Aladdin project, Tim Rice was involved in such well-known productions as “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Evita”.





The song “A Whole New World” received no less than four Grammy Awards, one of which was Song of the Year, two Golden Globe awards for Menken and Rice – Best Song and Best Original Score and two Academy Awards.


The song “A Whole New World” is a love ballad sung by Princess Jasmine and Aladdin as they move out on the magic carpet.  There are actually two versions of the song on the movie.  The first is during the carpet ride and was dubbed by Brad Kane as Aladdin and Lea Salonga. The second is the one heard at the close of the movie that was released by Regina Belle and Peabo Bryson.  Several other artists have released their version of the song, including Korean band TVXQ.


“A Whole New World” reached the number one position on Billboards top 100 the week of March 6, 1993, where it remained for one week. It is easy to understand the popularity of the song.  While lyrical and bright, it is still a romantic ballad, well suited to the female voice of Lea Salonga.  The voice of Brad Kane is not as strong and almost seems shaky at times, but perhaps that is a result of the story line. The animation during this duet adds to the ambience, while not overpowering it with pictures when the words are so expressive.


“A Friend Like Me” is sung by the Genie voiced by Robin Williams and bears the unmistakable bounciness and humor which is displayed both in the Genie and in Williams himself.  In this song, the Genie explains why he is indispensable to Aladdin.


“Prince Ali” and “One Jump Ahead” are very good at moving the story along, but lack any real substance either musically or otherwise. “Arabian Nights” sets the tone of the movie and is considered the best of the collaboration between Ashman and Menken.  Because of its content, though, it has not been considered suitable for release as a CD.