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Order Of The Aztec Eagle For Walt Disney


Walt Disney Exhibits Great Professionalism And Committment To The Community


The Order of the Aztec Eagle for Walt disney was just one of the more than 950 honors and awards which were given to recognize the work of the man and his staff over his 43 year professional career.  This award is the highest one given by the Mexican government to recognize the efforts of foreign nationals in promoting peace and cultural understanding with Mexico. 


This award was given to Walt Disney personally and was one of many given to him by foreign governments.  He also received the French Legion of Honor and Officer d’Academie decorations, the Order of the Crown from Thailand, and the Order of the Southern Cross from Brazil.


Order of the Aztec Eagle for Walt disney


The Order of the Aztec Eagle has been given to others for activities to promote cultural understanding and reducing economic gaps between the Mexico and other countries. For example, Queen Elizabeth II is one of those who received the decoration; Cesar Chavez received it for his work in organizing mostly Mexican laborers in California. Some others who have received the honor include The Queen of Spain, The Queen of Sweden, David Rockefeller, Edward Heath, and Rudy Giuliani.



There are few places in the world today where people do not know and recognize the name Disney.  This is probably as much due to the amusement parks which bear his name as to the personality of the creator.  It takes a special type of person to see possibilities where others see only negatives and Walt Disney was that kind of man. 


The Mexico pavilion at EPCOT center, Florida Disney World is staffed with Mexican nationals wearing national and regional costumes, and stocked with Mexican theme items. Authentic baskets, pottery and clothing are available.  Cuisine of the country is available in the restaurants and eating places there.  Folk art wood carvings reflect the heritage of Mexico and the music presented live by wandering Mariachi groups adds to the atmosphere.   Every effort was made to create an experience not unlike visiting the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan peninsula.


Even before Disney World was opened, the Disneyland “It’s a Small World“ attraction demonstrated Disney’s devotion to making the world a more unified place through understanding and sharing fun.  This ride has been a favorite of generations of children and is one of the oldest features of Disneyland. It is one of the attractions which is constantly renewed and updated so that it remains fresh and interesting.


While recognition of the achievements of Disney was popular during his lifetime, perhaps the greatest achievement is that the empire he built remains known for an image that is squeaky clean. The power of Disney to move and shape not just one generation of children, but successive generations as movies are reissued is undeniable.  That he chose to use this power in a positive way as evidence by the various awards he was given can do much to influence the thinking of the entire world culture in a positive direction.