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Pixar Car Chick Hicks Die Cast Car


 Chick Hicks Stole The Show


Pixar Car Chick Hicks die cast car is the primary opposer of the movie Cars.  The voice for Chick is that of actor Michael Keaton.  Chick Hicks looks like a standard square 1980's stock car, although originally the character was designed as an older model Chevy stock car that was discarded when General Motors didn't like it. They didn't want a GM model as a villain in the piece. Chick Hicks' primary sponsorship comes from Hostile Takeover Bank with the emblem "htB", however the hood and sides of the vehicle are emblazoned with logos for many other sponsors. Chick Hicks is green in color, but is deliberately not tied to a particular make, model or year of car.


In addition to the sponsors' logos Chick has his number 86 on the side.  The reference is to "86-ing" somebody as in getting rid of them.  The grill for Chick is similar in appearance and location to a man's mustache. In the Cars video game, Chick is referred to as a "mustache" at least twice.


Pixar Car Chick Hicks die cast car

The personality of this character can only be described as a lead footed maniac who will try to win at any cost, even if he must drive illegally to do so.  He is constantly shaking and vibrating, but that doesn't stop him from driving behind the capabilities of this particular model of car.

In the movie, Chick Hicks is always the runner-up in the Piston Cup.  His entire career has been spent in The King's shadow, and now he has to vie with the new figure in the racing world, bright star Lightning McQueen. 


The results of the first race are a three way tie between Lightning McQueen, The King and Chick Hicks in both the race and in the Piston Cup.  This means there will be a one race winner-take-all playoff to determine who the champion will be.  Both Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks want desperately to win the race in order to grab the Dinoco sponsorship held by The King.  During the time that Lightning McQueen is stuck in Radiator Springs.  Chick Hicks convinces many of Lightning's fans to support him instead. 

When the final race is run, Chick is able to successfully defeat The King because he's determined to stay ahead of him.  Lightning however, decides to hit the brakes just before getting the checkered flag.  Lightning allows Chick to win both the race and the championship.  In spite of his winning the race, Chick isn't viewed as a hero or champion, but is jeered at and booed by the fans and the media.  He leaves in disgrace, with a final boast of "This is the beginning of the Chick age!"  He is not offered the coveted Dinoco sponsorship--that is offered to Lightning McQueen, but Lightning decides to say 'No thanks" in loyalty to Chick.

One can see a possible sequel of Cars in which Chick Hicks gets another opportunity to be a sportsman if not a champion.