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Ruby Red Aladdin Lamps stemming from the popularity of the Disney animated movie are numerous on places such as Ebay, as well as other online sources.  The traditional appearance of the lamp in which a genie is imprisoned has been used in story illustrations and pictures for many years.  It's interesting though that the design of the lamps in pictures has a very Arabian appearance.  Although the original tale appeared in Arabian nights, the story's location was not Arabia, but China.  The lamp as generally illustrated does not look Chinese.


The typical genie lamp is a long narrow base with a spout on one side and a small ring handle on the other.  In other versions, the spout and the handle end are both curved upward and the handle becomes larger and more elongated.  The center of the case often has a cap which is sometimes raised to handle and spout height.  The base holds the oil reservoir, or the genie as the case may be, and the spout lets the smoke escape from the burning oil. 


Ruby Red Aladdin Lamps


The magical qualities of the Disney lamps are the same as those in the original Arabian Nights story. Some lamps in story books telling the Aladdin tale are encrusted with precious gems, or are made of gold. 


In modern days,

the Aladdin Lamp Company created and manufactured a line of kerosene lamps which were known for their efficiency and bright lights.  Aladdin kerosene lamps particularly in the ruby red or cobalt blue color are collectors items now.


Aladdin company used some innovative sales techniques to attract customers, such as radio advertising.  Aladdin also promoted the gimmick of exchanging new lamps for old, as in the old story.


The first models produced by Aladdin Company were made of brass or nickel-plated brass. By the 1930's and 1940's designs included the Lincoln drape ruby and cobalt glass lamps.  The most popular lamp in the company's history was the Alacite tall Lincoln drape lamp. None of these lamps have the appearance of the genie lamps of Aladdin's story.  There are floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps made by Aladdin each in many different colors or materials. There is even a selection of hanging lamps.  One interesting model allowed you to convert the kerosene lamp to electric and back to kerosene as desired with little effort.


All the lamps feature an oil reservoir with a fill cap plus a burner mechanism including the mantle type wicks which Aladdin still manufactures today.  Original parts can be found through web catalog or web site information.


Most collectors of this type of lamp are anxious to find other pieces to add to their collection.   They can still purchase actual parts as requested.  The best hunting grounds are private estate sales or auction sales, but second hand dealers or antique stores often have parts or pieces of lamps lying around somewhere.  The important thing to remember in collecting such items is that rarely are they not genuine, but you need to be sure before bidding on an item that it is original and not a copy.