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Secret Scenes In Disney Movies


The Lion King And "SFX"


For years, people have been accusing the Disney animators of inserting Secret Scenes in Disney Movies.  With one confirmed and one additional possible exception, the accusations have been denied or ignored, but the accusations and counter accusations just don't die.  Some of the more common hidden scenes include the 'sex' cloud in The Lion King', the topless woman in "The Rescuers', and the undergarments, or lack thereof in 'Who killed Roger Rabbit?'




A swirling cloud of dandelions or sand supposedly forms the word 'sex' or 'SFX' depending upon which version of the story you accept. The word according to some is clearly visible by tilting your head to the left and using a freeze frame to see it.  It was supposedly pointed out by a four year old boy.  The semi-official explanation is that it was the Special Effects unit of the Disney crew who inserted it, because they were disgruntled about not getting appropriate recognition. 


Secret Scenes in Disney MoviesIt is difficult to see why a four year old would be noticing a vague pattern in the sky and associating it with any negative connotation whatsoever.  It is also confusing to understand why a Special Effects team would feel that something so difficult to see would be of any assistance in promoting their work.  Each person viewing the sequence will, of course, make their own decision, but in the end, why should it matter either way? 







The two main characters are riding in a sardine can on the back of their air transport.  As they fly low along the streets of the city, in two frames the picture of a topless woman can be seen in an open window.  Disney pointed this out and recalled an entire run of the movie on home video.  Technical people state that the frames could not be seen by using ordinary home video equipment.  The company spokesman stated they did not know how the two offending frames got there.  It is also true that earlier releases of the movie did not contain these frames. 


The first assumption made by some is that it was an elaborate publicity ploy.  However, the movie seems to have been doing well in home video prior to the recall.  Another assumption has been that someone with a grudge against Disney was trying to sabotage the apparent success of the movie.  In this instance, it seems as if the perpetrator was being a little too subtle, as most video owners would never have seen the offending frames.




The scene in this movie is about Jessica being bounced from a moving vehicle.  As she tumbles, her dress flies up and several frames seem to show her with no undergarments.  Or, it may be simply a mix-up in the color chart.  Again, these frames are only visible by viewing the movie frame by frame on sophisticated equipment. Also in this movie, Michael Eisener's home telephone number allegedly appeared with graffiti on the restroom wall, but this is not visible in current editions.