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Sexual Subliminal Messages Hidden In Disney Movies


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Whether you believe there are Sexual Subliminal Messages Hidden in Disney Movies depends on two things:  Is there proof the subliminal messaging works? and What constitutes a 'sexual subliminal message?  Subliminal messaging is the practice of placing messages, images or commands in a movie or television screening at a speed which is too fast to be comprehended consciously, but is recognized and acted upon by the subconscious mind.




Most of the theory of the effectiveness of subliminal messages is based on the work of James Vicary who supposedly tested audiences in a movie theater by sending subliminal messages to purchase Coca Cola and popcorn.  Vicary stated that these tests proved that subliminal advertising was quite effective in improving sales of these two items during the run of the experiment.  Because of the public outcry regarding this concept, there were books written, Congressional hearings held, and even laws passed which stated that the use of subliminal messages was contrary to public interest.


Sexual Subliminal Messages Hidden in Disney MoviesThe belief that such methods were effective in mind control prompted stricter regulations in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  The United Nations also issued a report, following study of the subject.


However, several years after the original Vicary results were published, he admitted that he had falsified the study information.  The results could not be duplicated by other researchers.


There have also been claims that musical sound tracts can contain subliminal messages, or even that tracks in which messages are recorded backward are affecting the minds and actions of those who listen.  This concept has particularly been tied to cultism and Satanism.  Again, there is no proof that the subliminal messages themselves are the cause of actions.




In order to satisfy the above definition, there would need to be proof that pictures of such things as a woman's bared breasts, a possible erection by a priest, a phone number of a Disney studio executive on restroom wall, or a possible image of Jessica Rabbit without underwear is a sexual message. 


In the case of the two frames from The Rescuers where a background shows two frames with a woman's naked torso framed in a window, it is difficult to see how that would arouse a 5 year old child, since that was the targeted audience in this particular movie.  It is only by playing this single edition of the home video frame by frame with sophisticated equipment that the two frames can be seen at all.  It is unlikely that the child would have any interest in operating the equipment, even if he or she had knowledge that such a shot was there.  The point is, that in order to view the picture, extensive effort must be made.  The idea that subliminal messages which work must be repeated several times, means that this movie can't be considered a subliminal sexual message at all.


The next possibility states that the priest has an erection during the wedding scene.  This also is not a subliminal sexual message, since the suspect sequence can be viewed without special equipment.  There is also the likelihood that the scene doesn't show an erection at all, but simply the knee of the priest.


Using the same reasoning, Jessica Rabbit's lack of underwear appears technically in only 1 frame, and again requires special equipment to view it.  Even if the animators considered such a frame as a joke, it is hardly likely to excite a child watching the movie.  Adult males surely could be more easily excited by other methods.


Finally, the Disney executive's phone number on the restroom wall does constitute a subliminal message, but could hardly be considered sexual in nature.