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Disney Channel Keeps Turning Out Hit After Hit Show 


The Replacements Disney Channel series images has been a real hit with kids ever since its debut in 2006 both on the Disney Channel and on ABC Kids.  The premise of the animated series is that two orphaned siblings, Riley and Todd, find an advertisement in a comic book that promises to replace any adult in your life for less than $2.00.  They follow up on the ad with Fleemco Company and first choose their parents.  Dick Daring, a famous stuntman is their father and Agent K, a British super-spy is Mom.


C.A.R.T.E.R. is Agent K’s talking car partner—an ex-spy car.  This is the brains of the family, and CAR doesn’t let you forget it. Dick Daring, the first replacement as Dad in the series isn’t much of a success as a father; he’s more interested in getting all his Hollywood stunts just right.  Even though he rarely does, the stunts manage to succeed anyway. 


The Replacements Disney Channel series images


Agent K is cool under pressure, such as the pressure of parenting, but she hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.  Her interest is in getting things organized.


Minor characters include Riley, hopeless the nerd who never quite gets it right but sticks around in the shadow of Riley and Todd anyway. His best quality seems to be that he never gives up.  Tasumi is an unusual character, even in a show about replacing adults; she wears a suit of pink armor at all times, and is Riley’s best friend.


Buzz is the resident bully.  His dad is no longer the coolest dad in the neighborhood and this is the basis for his antagonism. Conrad is the owner of the Fleemco conglomerate.  He is a benefactor to Todd and Riley, and for reasons which are somewhat obscure, his choice for replacements sometimes causes more problems than it solves.


Riley is the older of the two siblings, a ‘tween who takes her role as thoughtful, consider all the angles to a fault.  She usually asks for replacements that will be used to help others. She’s a romantic and an optimist and has a thing for baseball player Johnny Hitwell.


Todd is out to see to it that Todd gets what he wants first.  He rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions.


Fleemco Company has some interesting characteristics as well.  A mixture of snake oil and high tech products including a coded phone gives one the idea never to buy anything from the company.  There’s a lot of fun to be had on the company website, but you need to pay attention to the reminders that none of it is real. 


Each of the episodes is a formula where the problem is set up, a replacement is provided which never works out quite the way they expected, and then the replacement has to be sent back, sometimes with difficulty.


Kids enjoy the episodes, which have just enough of the action type sequences to keep one excited, along with a thinly disguised moral lesson to be learned.