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Vacation Home Condos Near Disney World


Experience All The Disney Attractions With The Comforts Of Home 


Vacation home condos near Disney world have become a popular way to arrange for housing while enjoying the fun and relaxation of the amusement parks, water parks and other attractions in the Orlando area.  By choosing a vacation home as a place to stay while in the area, you have all the comforts and amenities of home usually with more privacy than you will get at a major hotel.


Although some of the suites at the resort hotels have kitchen areas, that it not the typical arrangement, while the facilities of a vacation home mean you can cook, shop and relax just as you would in your nine to five house they also allow you to be very close to all the Disney attractions.


In choosing a vacation home in the Orlando area, you first should determine exactly what your need for size and space is.  If you are grandparents expecting to have young grandchildren visiting, that will require a different type of housing than a young family would need.  Determining the amount of upkeep you will be willing to do yourself or to pay to have done is another consideration.  If you love the look of formal landscaping, you may be looking at a different type of housing than if you just are interested in inside activities at your vacation home. 


Vacation home condos near Disney world


Location of the home is important not only for price considerations, but for the proximity to the attractions which you will be most interested in.  If you love to golf, for instance and the vacation home sits on the perimeter of one of the golf courses, it may be more important than the price.  You may be willing to pay more for the privilege of walking to the golf course before breakfast.




If, on the other hand, you’re buying a vacation home for the sole purpose of having a base to visit Disney or any other attractions of the Orlando area, transportation routes, convenience of traffic routes and proximity to airports may be more important.


One other thing to consider in choosing a vacation home is the idea of renting or leasing the house during the times when you are not in residence.  Many homeowners partially or fully offset the cost of the home by renting it to visitors to the Orlando area for one or two week intervals throughout the year.  There are even companies which will represent you and advertise the property for you nationwide.  Even custodial and maintenance services can be arranged so your property is kept clean and in good repair at all times.


A vacation home in Orlando may also be just the thing to look at as a future retirement home.  The climate is right, there are all the health services, community and recreational activities in the area which anyone could desire and the cost of living other than home ownership is quite reasonable.  Your only difficulty might be in housing the number of relatives and friends who want to visit you each year during those dreary winter months up north.