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Who Wrote The Song Lyrics For Aladdin


Alan Menken And Howard Aashman Are Responsible


In order to determine WHO Wrote the Song Lyrics for Aladdin, one would need to follow the story line through all the variations and changes that occurred during the course of making the movie.


Howard Ashman, born Howard Elliott Gershman was born 1950 and died 1991.  Alan Menken and Howard Ashman wrote many of the lyrics for Disney's Aladdin songs.  He is credited with authorship of Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, Proud of Your Boy, High Adventure, Humiliate the Boy, Why Me, and You can Count on Me. Call Me a Princess.


Proud of Your Boy was cut from the movie when the part of the mother was cut, but there was a great deal of agonizing before cutting this song because of its appeal.  In the end, it just didn't fit into the finished product storyline. Howard Ashman wrote several of the other cut lyrics, including High Adventure, Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim, Arabian Nights Reprise 1 and 2, Count on Me was cut as was Call Me a Princess and Humiliate the Boy.  The cutting in each case was due to changes in the final story line which didn't fit well with the songs.


WHO Wrote the Song Lyrics for Aladdin


Tim Rice is credited with writing the Best Song for 1992 entitled A Whole New World, although elements from Ashman's song appear in the lyrics.  Rice also wrote a somewhat sarcastic reprise to Ashman's Prince Ali which is sung later in the movie by Jafar. 


Alan Menken who composed the score for Aladdin is also credited for writing some of the lyrics, either individually or jointly with Howard Ashman or Tim Rice. 



The production of a musical animated version of Aladdin was originally suggested by Howard Ashman.  He and his partner Alan Menken wrote a treatment with a story line and some demo songs which were fairly extensively rewritten during the scripting and rewriting which occurred. 


It was during the rewriting that the part of Aladdin's mother was removed, along with the song "Proud of Your Boy". High Adventure is another song which doesn't fit at all in the revised movie but is a fast paced and clever set of lyrics which were prepared by the Menken and Ashman writing team.  Both these songs are available on some of the later CD releases, along with other supplemental materials from and about the movie.


A Friend Like Me, written by the Menken/ Ashman writing team and sung by the Genie was  nominated for the 1992 Academy Award for Best Song which was won by the Menken/ Rice writing team with the song A Whole New World.


Both Ashman and Rice are well known for their lyric works in other Broadway shows and motion pictures as well as animated features.  Ashman worked with Menken on Beauty and the Beast, for which he won best song of 1991 with the title song, and The Little Mermaid.  Rice is known for the music of Jesus Christ Super Star, and Evita among other productions.