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What Walt Disney Movies Will Be Released Next Year


Pixar Releases Top The List


A steady stream of movies is coming from this company at all times.  What Walt Disney movies will be released next year and at what times is always the question for the millions of fans who rush too the theatres and rental stores to see a Disney release.




In 2007, for example, a movie that's due for release on June 29 is Ratatouille.  This movie is one of Pixar releases, it's about a rat named Remy who has dreams of being a cook in Paris's finest restaurant. Remy has to fight for his desires against the recommendations of his family, who feel he should be satisfied to just be a rat.  Remy travels unexpectedly to Paris and finds himself under the kitchen of the exclusive kitchen of Auguste Gusteau who is understandably less than delighted to find a rat attempting to prepare gourmet meals in his kitchen.  Remy forms an unlikely partnership with Linguini who is the garbage boy for the restaurant.  Linguini discovers Remy's amazing abilities and decides to take advantage of the partnership between himself and Remy in order to set the culinary world on its ear. The movie says a lot about partnership, finding your dream, and not trying to be something you're not.


This Pixar movie is directed by Brad Bird who is also known for The Iron Giant and The Incredibles and produced by Brad Lewis.  The studio actually gave the animators and others connected with movie cooking lessons in order to help them pick up the nuances of cooking in a professional kitchen.


What Walt Disney movies will be released next year




This movie is to be released May 25.  It's the follow up to the smash 2006 hit "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest"  Many of the same characters including Johnny Dep as Captain Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom as Will Underwood, Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bloom and Chow Yun Fat as Chinese pirate Sao Feng, play roles in the rescue of Captain Jack from the other worldly trap of Day Jones Locker and the ghost ship "The Flying Dutchman"  The director is Gore Verbinski and the producer is Jerry Bruckheimer.




Underdog, of course was a cartoon character for many years.  Now the movies, due to be released  August 3 of 2007 is distributing teasers and trailers. The story is standard superhero genre.  A beagle is involved in a laboratory accident and obtains super powers such as the ability to speak.  Sporting a typical superhero costume this ordinary beagle vows to use his superpowers to save the beleaguered Capitol City and in particular, Polly Purebreed a fetching cocker spaniel.


The movie features a CGI enhanced live beagle with some interaction with a 12-year-old boy somewhat reminiscent of Mr Peabody and Sherman. Some critics are already panning the concept, pointing to the less than stellar performance of Garfield: The Movie in the box office.  This could, of course be just the difference between cat lovers and dog lovers speaking.


In addition to the theater openings, the made-for-TV Disney Channel movie, "Jump In" is due to be released.  DVD's coming out include Peter Pan Platinum Edition and Cars on DVD.