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Air Fair And Hotel Package To Walt Disney World Florida


Walt Disney World Vacation Can Be Affordable


If you’ve thought about a Disney vacation but were afraid of the price, it may be time to reconsider.  With the fantastic competitive selection on travel agencies available on the internet an air fair and hotel package to walt disney world florida might just be cheaper than you thought. 


If you plan ahead you may be able to take advantage of some of these methods to save money on the price of a Walt Disney World vacation.  Probably the most important factor though is to plan well in advance. While sometimes people can stumble across last minute travel deals, it doesn’t pay to plan on this happening for you. 


air fair and hotel package to walt disney world florida 


Planning ahead allows you to choose your travel dates.  Generally you won’t get a good deal during school holidays, so if you can plan your travel during the period of early April to mid May, you are more likely to find travel deals.  Many airlines have blackout dates during spring vacation periods when good travel rates don’t exist.  The same is true of many hotels, since students on spring vacation have traditionally flocked to areas of Florida.


Plan to do some research online at sites such as Orbitz.  Orbitz is known for its economy airfares, but it also provides information on hotel rooms as well.  Other online travel pricing sites include Hotwire and Priceline.com.


When you choose a hotel, keep in mind that those places closest to Disney World are going to be the most expensive, however that can be partially offset by spending less money for transportation from the hotel to the park.  Staying at the resort also provides some additional rewards that those staying off-site can’t take advantage of.


You can generally save money by participating in travel clubs or discount services such as those provided by AAA and AARP.  Tour groups will often be able to receive a discounted price for both airfare and hotel rates.  These tour groups can include specially arranged groups or regularly scheduled trips to Florida.  Large corporations or those with sponsorship participation at Walt Disney World sometimes have special vacation rates for employees.  You can check with the corporate Human Resources Department for information. 


If a group in your locale is planning a competition or group trip to Orlando you may want to see if you can piggyback with the group to take advantage of group rates.  If you can’t find a group that’s going to Orlando, suggest to your church or scouting troop that Disney World would make a great group trip.


Of course, using an online or local travel agent to plan your trip has advantages.  You have a skilled professional doing all the look-up and comparison work for you and they may have access to some unpublished rates that you would never know about.  Probably the most expensive route to follow for a dream vacation at Disney World is to use the Disney Travel Company.  No matter which route you follow, do some comparison shopping and decide what you want, then find an acceptable price for your package.