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The Cheetah Girls Overcome Obstacles


It does seem like all the list of disney channel movie hits seems never ending. The are designed and produced to appeal to the young teen audience and are successful at doing just that.  On an average, Disney produced somewhere between five and seven movies per year.  Most of them are released on DVD shortly thereafter the initial Disney Channel release.  The characters often appear in a series of movies or at least movie and sequel successfully.  Sometimes the actors appear in numerous roles  in the movies. 


There is no doubt that the young actors and actresses are more than competent, particularly in singing and dancing skills.  Indeed, if there are underlying themes running through all the movies, it's that you can accomplish your goals even though circumstances may conspire against you before you make it happen. Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Girls 2 and Cheetah Girls 3 is just such an example.  Four teenage girls overcome obstacles in order to form a band and take the pop musical scene by storm. The sequel is set in Barcelona and the third movie features India as a locale.


all the list of disney channel movieJump In! is the highest viewed Disney Channel movie to date with 8.2 million viewers during the premiere showing.  Previously, Cheetah Girls 2 held the record.  The theme of Jump In! is told from the standpoint of a young bully type tough guy.  The hero is an aspiring Golden Gloves boxer who is challenged to help a group of friends with a Double Dutch team.  The story deals quite a bit with peer pressure and how important it can be to teens.  It also shows growth of the characters as they learn to make independent decisions and prove that people can change for the better. Jump In! is the 69th Disney Channel Original Movie.



High School Musical is a somewhat complicated story line, with the usual mix of peer pressure, mixed up relationships, and choosing to do what suits you best.  Add to this the effort to complete three impossible tasks at the same time, i.e. the audition call backs, the basketball championship, and a decathlon and you have the frenetic pace which often is a characteristic of movies that appeal to this age group. The original movie was released in January 2007, a sequel is set for August, 2007 and a spin-off series is planned.  The sound track release is highly successful as well.


The sport of surfing is highlighted in the movie called Johnny Tsunami and its sequel Johnny Kapahala Back on Board.  The theme is rivalry between rich and poor students and the differing sports they enjoy in a Vermont town.  There is one mountain where snowboarders and skiers have an intense competition for the space.  Add to this rivalry for the affection of the key players and you get a typical teenage mix of socialization, competition, sports, and facing unpleasant assignments. The sequel is set to be released in early June 2007. The sequel also features settling rivalries and differences without resorting to violence or deceitful measures, and about the importance of family ties.