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Do you know that all walt disney characters derive from a rich series of heroes and heroines as well as some very forgettable types cast as villains. Literally dozens of characters have been brought to life by the imagination and animators skill in the cartoons and movies produced by the Walt Disney Studios.


The characters are rather evenly divided between animal and human stars although most animals have been anthropomorphized and have speaking voices and human characteristics.  Two notable exceptions are Pluto the dog who as a pet doesn’t speak, but manages to get his emotions and desires across very well; and the Siamese cats Si and Am who sing, but do not speak during their tenure with the Lady. 


all walt disney characters


Almost all of the characters who appear in Disney cartoons and films are three dimensional figures in both senses of the words.  They have personality and act true to their personality.  An example is the “Big Bad Wolf.” He not only wants to have the Three Little Pigs for dinner, but he is able to demonstrate planning, cunning, inventiveness, and determination.  In fact most of the villainous characters attributed to Disney Studios are not painted just in black and white. 



They portray almost all of the dark side of human emotions.  Even Edgar, the villainous butler in The Aristocats comes across as almost a sympathetic character.  Although he’s trying to hurry along his inheritance, he doesn’t quite bring himself to actually kill one of the cats in his care.


The heroes and heroines are no exception.  They are not just pallid creatures with no dimension to their lives.  Not only do they show sadness and concern for others in their sphere of influence, but they can also be blithely absorbed in their own interests.  Examples are Belle wandering the streets of her village with her nose in a book; Megara is witty, tough and resourceful; and Aladdin is a street thief in the streets of his city.  Aladdin is also drawn differently than most of the Disney heroes.  His eyes are larger and more rounded and he has a more fluid way of moving than to most of the male heroes.


Much of the success of the animation of these characters is due to the human models that were used to draw the heroes and heroines. Sometimes, as in the case of Alice of Alice in Wonderland, the human models would spend two to three years of availability while the movie was being produced. The care taken to match the voice to the drawings also played a large role in making the drawings reflect the emotions in the actors’ voices.


The anthropomorphic characters made famous by Disney Studios also have more than one side to their personality.  The famous Donald Duck can be caring with his nephews, romantic with Daisy and yet his fiery temper with a short fuse gets him into much trouble before he figures out where he made a wrong turn. His stubbornness means he may be a loser, but he’s never a quitter.