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Beast Costumes From Beauty And The Beast For Adults


The Beast Costume Is Growing In Popularity


The beast costumes from beauty and the beast for adults have become almost as popular for Halloween and other costume parties as have the earlier Disney princess costumes.  Belle costumes feature fancy ball gowns for the fun of being a princess for a night.  The Belle costume is one which doesn't require fright makeup, and allows a woman to enjoy being beautiful while still staying in character. 


Of course, the full set of costumes can be rented from some outfitters for a basic fee of $2400 for one week.  This set provides a full Beast costume which includes a bodysuit with a hairy chest and a hump attached, a black undershirt, torn breeches with a codpiece, a purple cape and necklace, a tail, leather clawed gloves, boot tops with clawed foot covers.  A second Beast outfit includes good breeches and a poet shirt.  A third Beast outfit in this set is the blue velvet tailcoat with a jeweled vest, jabot and an order sash. 


beast costumes from beauty and the beast for adultsBelle's outfits suitable for the stage performance includes a blue day dress with apron and a cape with decorative embroidery and a formal ball gown in gold with gloves, a headpiece and a hoop skirt.


Stage costumes included in the $2400 rental include outfits for Gaston, Lafou, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Babette, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Chip, 4 Plates, 4 Napkins and 4 Flatwear. 




Gaston's costumes are relatively simple to create, since there is no special makeup or prostheses for him.  A simple padded jerkin with a belt, breeches, studded cuffs and a sword make up the ingredients of his costume, although not too many adults would choose to attend a costume party as Gaston if he could pretend to be the Beast instead. 


Lafou's costume includes a coat with trim of many colors, a paisley cravat, a long vest in plaid and baggy pants.


Lumiere may be another costume which adults would enjoy wearing for fun,  He has candle hands with a flicker effect and a candle headpiece to go along with a gold vest, and gold stripes on the pants and collar.


Mrs Potts costume has a costume with a removable spout arm and an oversized mobcap as well as an apron.  Chip's costume matches hers, only with a 3-D cup head.


Babette has an ordinary black and white maid's uniform for act 2, but a jeweled bustier and a copper skirt, an underskirt with attached feathers and a copper dustcap. Madame de la Grande Bouche has a collapsible armoire costume with a shirt and petticoat.


The remainder of the costumes are to fit the dinnerware and flatware actors in the musical show. It is unlikely that most small amateur productions can afford the elaborate costumes which are described here, so the less elaborate costuming is probably a more common sight in stage productions.


The most common use of these costumes for the average person would be to appear at a Halloween or costume party. Most women would prefer to appear as Belle in full regalia, although Mrs Potts could be fun for the more mature figure, or even Madame de la Grande Bouche.  For a partner's  costume, the Beast of course would be expected.