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Beauty And The Beast Ballet Photos

Disney Has Help Increase Popularity Of The Ballet 

The search for beauty and the beast ballet photos has increased as presentations grew in popularity after the opening of the first Disney full length animated movie in 1991.  However, the task was not an easy one for many reasons.  One difficulty was the number of versions of the story which are extant.  Disney’s version is probably the best, known, but contains elements not found in any of the earlier texts. 


Most of the Disney version was taken from a text by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont which was an abridgement of a much lengthier story by another French author, Mme Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.  Although the de Villeneuve is the true author of the story, de Beaumont is usually given credit because of her many retellings of the original text.  De Beaumont was not given credit in the Disney English release but received the honor in the French language version of the story.


beauty and the beast ballet photos


A second problem with presenting Beauty and the Beast in dance version is providing appropriate music.  Unlike ballets such as Swan Lake which were choreographed to go with the music by the same name, no such composition existed for Beauty and the Beast. Now, however, choreographers are certain to take advantage of the sound track

 of the Disney movie and choreograph a ballet to fit the sound track, particularly if it is for a performance to be given by younger dancers.



This would be the method most likely to be recognizable to ballet aficionados, yet is somehow less desirable as a cartoon set to dance.  To be effective, the dance must tell the story in itself and not rely on the images brought to the mind by hearing a familiar piece of music from the Disney film.  That is not to say the movie is bad or the music poor, just that to be effective, the ballet should tell the old familiar story in a new way to show new truths, or reestablish previous tenets.


As intended by the person accepted as the author of the tale, Beauty and the Beast was more a story of the triumph of good over evil and beauty over ugliness.  Because the Prince was ugly inside, the ugliness was moved to the outside where it was visible leaving the inside to be healed and filled with good.  This is the theme which a ballet choreographer attempts to portray in the retelling of the old story.


Particularly in an adult presentation of this classic story in dance form, the entire set and costumes as well as the choreography and music must be focused on the premise of the story rather than on just adding dance steps and removing dialogue from Disney.


Because of the difference in genre, even clothing and sets must be very different from the standards depicted in most children’s fairy tale presentations of this or any presentation, whether drama or dance.  Depending on the style in which the ballet is presented, whether Romantic period or Art Nouveau, the basic theme of the story may make the experiencing of the ballet very different.