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Disney Birthday Party For Your Child


The beauty and the beast cake supplies are just one part of a Disney theme birthday party for Disney age children.  It's easy to order a prepared kit which includes party favors, game ideas, banners, cake decorating ideas and supplies.  However, you can also use the ideas a springboard for your own creative instincts and prepare an unusual and attractive showcase case using the Beauty and the Beast theme.


The Beauty and the Beast theme for a disney birthday party could include a cake decorated with a Beauty and the Beast medallion in the center in full color.  There are kits which provide patterns and supplies.  For the cake decorator who wants something even more special, a Mrs Potts cake makes a nice project.  Another suggestion for something unique is to decorate cupcakes in a Chip pattern.

Other patterns are available in Beauty and the Beast coloring books.  These coloring books also make great party activities and or party favors for the children.


beauty and the beast cake supplies


A somewhat broader scope Disney theme party is one which includes not only Beauty and the Beast but all the Disney princesses, including Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and others. You can incorporate various items from each of the Disney movies which are unique to the individual princess, such as the apple for Snow  White, the glass slipper for Cinderella, and one of the enchanted items for Belle. 

Or for a really ambitious project, you could decorate a cake with a fairy tale castle complete with items from the various fairy tales.


Another cake idea which has been successfully incorporated by creative decorators is a tiara.  This fits well with the idea of a princess and it's one which can become a cake decoration or conceivably a party favor for children.  If the children are old enough to avoid putting such items in the mouth, plastic 'pearl' necklaces become either a decoration for the cake or a party favor


A Beauty and the Beast theme obviously appeals more to little girls than to boys, but if it is a mixed group attending the party, a stronger focus of games and other decorations which will appeal to both boys and girls would be appropriate.  Much will depend on the age group of the children attending the party too.  A pre-reading child will not enjoy word games such as scrambled Disney princess names, but an elementary school child should find a word game a cool-down period after more rowdy activities.


Of course, a wonderful activity which is a bit quieter for the children after the active style party games is a showing of the Beauty and the Beast movie on DVD. 


Other theme party decorations can be accomplished by clip art from the internet added to party favors.  A banner with the honored child's name and "Happy Birthday" makes a great decoration especially if a few bright balloons are added.  After the festivities, the balloons can be sent home with the guests, or can be used to decorate the birthday child's room for days, as a reminder of the good times.