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Beauty And The Beast Costumes For Adults


Finding Costumes For Rent Is Not That Difficult 


When searching for beauty and the beast costumes for adults, finding appropriate items for Belle’s attire is not difficult for a woman.  The suggestion of a simple unadorned cotton dress in a pale blue color with a waist tied apron is enough to provide the suggestion of a young village woman who’s more interested in books than in appearance. 


The Belle who appears in the ball scenes is still not difficult to costume appropriately. A full skirted floor length off the shoulder gown of delicate yellow will provide the illusion of dressy occasion.  Long sleeved white gloves and dancing slippers will complete the look for Belle.  You may want to try finding your costumes for rent.


beauty and the beast costumes for adults


 The rest of the adult characters in the musical and stage versions of Disney's Beauty and the Beast are not such an easy matter to costume. Creating the wigs, hairpieces and adding prostheses for the touring companies and on Broadway for a cast of over 100 people represented a tremendous amount of effort and coordination.  For each production the actor playing the Beast had to be completely transformed from handsome human to a animal featured coarsened creature covered with body and facial hair. 



Then the actual shape of the body needed to be transformed to coarsen and thicken shoulders, thighs and upper arms.  The hands no longer could resemble human appendages. The clothing then had to be designed in such a way as to fit over the altered body shape.  It needed to be somewhat stylish in a style that would have been worn many years before the setting of the story.


In order for the touring companies to accomplish the costuming for just the one character—the Beast, professional costumers, make-up artists and wardrobe experts were required.


For other costumes, the stage musical chose to make the enchanted objects as losing their humanity and in danger of it being forever lost, rather than totally enchanted and wanting to lift the enchantment to return to full human characteristics, so even more effort is required to make the characters costumes possible and yet believable. Lumiere, for example has lots of gold detailing on his costume, with a gold ruffled neck piece, gold braid, and of course the gold candlesticks in place of hands. Some of the effect of the pyrotechnics in the candlesticks added to the effect. 


So, while he was human, he very definitely was moving away from human characteristics toward becoming inanimate.  The chorus line plates and saucers are also fairly easy to costume as is the coquettish Babette. 


If a semi professional or amateur performance of this musical is done, the wardrobe person might be better off to rent or purchase the costumes, rather than to attempt to recreate the more complicated garments and prostheses.


Still, it is said of a good stage actor that they could perform on a bare stage with normal clothing and recreate the character they are playing, because acting is something that comes from within, not from the clothing, the sets, the lights or the music.