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Beauty And The Beast Salt And Pepper Shakers


Salt And Pepper Shakers Make A Big Splash


Because the beauty and the beast salt and pepper shakers are characters in the movie and stage play, it is only natural that they should appear in collectors items for Disney fans and for those who are salt and pepper shaker collectors.  In the movie, the salt and paper shakers don't have voices, they are just part of the fill in characters at the production scenes.


Their big moment in both the movie and musical stage show is when the salt and pepper shakers do their thing during the banquet scene with Lumiere reminiscing, and the music continuing with the "Be Our Guest" theme. The 'snow' which is sprinkling down during this scene is actually salt from the salt shaker.


beauty and the beast salt and pepper shakers


The new Disneyland 50th anniversary parade has a float dedicated to Beauty and the Beast.  It includes, among other characters, the salt and pepper shakers, Mrs Potts, Belle, Beast and Lumiere.


 Some of the musical production performance numbers include the salt and pepper shakers doing a Russian style folk dance.



It is interesting that most of the professional and amateur reviews of the stage production mention the dancing salt and pepper shakers as being worthy of note. One local performance mentioned that the actor for the salt shaker was black and the actor for the pepper shaker was white and wondered if it was planned that way or just happened. The Disney movie doesn't single them out enough even to supply them with names or speaking voices, they're just part of the 'Be our Guest" production number.


Although there are numerous references to the salt and pepper shakers in both the movies and the stage play, in real life a pair of shakers with this particular set of Disney characters are hard to find.  There are cookie jars representing Belle and the Beast, as well as cups and teapots representing Chip and Mrs Potts but the salt and pepper shakers characters from the movie have not been immortalized by ceramic, glass, or metal salt and peppers shakers.


For such a popular collectible item and with the popularity of the movie, it seems odd that there are not salt and pepper shaker sets that meet the need for Disney aficionados as well as salt and pepper shaker collectors.  A check at the Disney store site revealed salt and pepper shakers with other characters, such as the witch/evil queen and Mickey Mouse salt and pepper shakers, but nothing resembling the Beauty and the Beast theme.


The salt and pepper shaker sequence in the live musical productions seem to be one place where there is a great deal of creativity.  Several different styles of dance movements, as well as other actions designed to make lots of excitement and movement on the stage, appear in different performances.  The differences seem to be based on the actors portraying the characters.