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Dauphin And Swan Hotel Walt Disney World Florida


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The dauphin and swan hotel walt disney world in florida are actually two separate hotels on Disney property, but both operated by Starwood Hotels under the Sheraton Hotels brand.  Both hotels were designed by postmodernist architect Michael Graves who has a reputation for whimsy.  The interconnected hotels are alike in their whimsical aspects, but very different in appearance in other ways. The Swan Hotel is designed with a central structure twelve stories in height with two seven story wings on the side facing the Dolphin.  The central portion features an arched roof line.  The Swan was opened in 1990 with 758 guest rooms residing on Disney property.  The Dolphin Hotel is 27 stories at the central triangular tower with two 12 story shoulders.  Two wings of 9 stories each make this the larger of the sister hotels with 1509 rooms and suites.  It was opened in 1990 as well and both hotels underwent a 2006 renovation process.


Some of the unique features about the architecture include the water.  The Swan features fountain set in giant clamshells on the seven story high wings.  At the Dolphin water flows through five seashell-shaped basins over nine stories to end in a 54 foot clamshell. 


dauphin and swan hotel walt disney world florida

The statues atop the structures represent the traditional and contemporary symbols for

water. Atop the Dolphin are two 56-foot fish statues, while the Swan sports two 47 foot high swans. Each of these four statues weighs in at 60,000 pounds.  

  The exterior of the Swan features a mural of stylized waves which took nearly six monthsto complete. The Dolphin’s mural is of banana leaf patterns. Internal murals and paintings are in public hallways and areas, as well as in guest rooms. 




Guest rooms originally featured cabana style doors with peach and teal interiors.  Flower shaped lamps and beach theme furnishings completed the look.  In a recent complete upgrade of the two hotels, more than $135 million was expended to make the interior more sophisticated in appearance.  Much of the beach style amenities disappeared to be replaced by modern maple wood furniture, custom designed carpets and wall coverings.


Together the rooms and suites in the two hotels number more than 2500 with 17 restaurants, 2 health clubs, 5 golf courses and 5 swimming pools. 


The hotels are located on Disney Property between Epcot Center and Disney-MGM Studio.  Disney Animal Kingdom is nearby and the Magic Kingdom lies just a short distance to the north


Together the two hotels provide over 300,000 square feet of conference space with all the amenities of media facilities, computer and data feeds and catering plans.  In addition, in resort transportation is readily available for guests at the hotels.  Even water-taxis are a feature of resort transportation that is both fun and convenient.  The nearness to Epcot facilities makes this hotel a good choice for groups or for individuals as well. 


Guests who stay in either of the two hotels are considered to be on-site guests and so can take advantage of some perks at the theme parks.