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Discounts For Florida Residents Walt Disney World


Disney Theme Parks Offer Some Great Deals For The Locals 


In an effort to encourage Florida residents to visit the theme park that lies within their borders, ticket sellers provide discounts for florida residents walt disney world.  Walt Disney World definitely recognizes the importance of local involvement in the activities of the Walt Disney World Resort, but it encourages more frequent visits by those who live closest. 


Those adults who fondly remember the influence of a Disneyland childhood can understand the appeal of the Walt Disney World availability.  Organized group trips or just a day with a Floridian friend or two at one of the Disney theme parks is fun-filled activity and certainly no more expensive that a movie plus fast food.  A day at one of the water parks with a young family is a relatively inexpensive mini-vacation and the children will remember those times well. 


discounts for florida residents walt disney world


Season passes for Disney are available which allow unlimited entrance to all four of the theme parks for 365 days at a 2007 price of $223 for adults.  The Florida children’sseasonal pass is priced at $197.  The adult price for the Premium Annual pass is $445 and the children’s price for the same pass is $394. 

The premium annual pass provides Florida residents with unlimited access to all four theme parks, two water parks, Pleasure Island and even more attractions. 



This price means that a family of four could visit the entire Walt Disney World Resort one day each month for an entire year for about $100 each day. If you compare that to the price of say a night at the movies followed up by a trip to the local fast-food restaurant, for the price of four Disney World comes out looking pretty economical.


To visit just the water parks for a year would cost $99.95 for an adult and $80.50 for a child.  Again—far cheaper than most water park visits anywhere in the country.


One other nice feature which is an advantage for local residents of the Orlando area is the Epcot After 4 pass.  This annual pass costs $123 for adults and $108 for children ages 3-9 and allows unlimited access to Epcot and any of the attractions there after 4 pm.  This is the perfect way to enjoy a dining experience at the World Showcase and a lap or two at the Test Track plus the Illuminations show.


One factor of prime importance is the stipulation that in order to receive special pricing, the pass holder must be a Florida resident. A Florida resident is not allowed to purchase the pass or the tickets and provide them to out of state family or friends.  Theoretically, this includes grandchildren visiting Florida residents during the summer.  Since children do not normally have documentation which would prove Florida residence, in practice, grandchildren are usually admitted on the residency evidence of the grandparents.


Further, Florida residents who attempt to allow others to use their discounted passes can have the ticket or pass confiscated and be refused admittance as well as forfeiting any remaining use of the ticket or pass.