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A Disney Channel Movie Audition Is A Good Place To Start 


It is the dream of many youngsters in the United States and even around the world to become movie or television stars by answering a disney channel casting parts call.  Acting jobs can be hard to find for a beginner, especially since many of the people in the movies have been in modeling and  amateur productions since infancy.  Still Disney Channel movies are probably the best opportunity for young aspiring actors at this time. 


Even though there are often hundreds or even thousands of applicants competing for a very few roles, the opportunity here is greater than if you did nothing. Quite a few young actors got their first notice from a Disney channel movie audition.  And, a role in one of these movies often leads to other roles in more mainstream movies.


disney channel casting partsIf you are interested in pursuing acting as a career, the best action to take is to contact an agent.  It is the job of the agent who accepts you as a client to keep you notified of action auditions which have current calls. The agent will know your strengths and can recommend casting calls which you are best suited for.  Since the agent makes money when you are signed for a role, it is in his or her best interest to promote you as a client.

Not only do they know which calls are current, they know about the specific open role which you will be auditioning for.  They can even give you helpful hints about how to handle the audition.  By going through an agent, you are more likely to be noticed and considered to be a professional who can behave in a responsible manner.

You can get an acting audition for a Disney Channel movie without an agent, but it is much more difficult.

You can look at the Disney web site at http://home.disney.go.com in the Corporate section. There you can find out about casting calls, open auditions, or opportunities for extras.  This won't notify you about every potential Disney Channel acting audition call; but it will help you to know something about how the process works if you don't have an agent yet.  Watch for calls in locations near to you.

Winning a role in a Disney Channel movie can be a dream come true, and the best thing is that it's possible if you are willing to work hard.  There are many celebrities in show business today who got their very first role on the Disney Channel. 

Particularly for those people who want an opportunity acting but may not be ready for a starring role in a Disney Channel movie, you can check out the casting calls for cast members at one of the Disney theme parks around the world.  Literally hundreds of roles come open each year for young and enthusiastic performers who relate well to people on a one-to-one basis.  This may not be your idea of a movie role, but you could consider it to be live theater at its very best.