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Disney Movie Audition For Kid


Your Child Will Need A Disney Talent Agent To Represent Your Child


Getting a disney movie audition for kid can be done, but it may take some effort on your part. Disney movies are favorites venues for children and teens, but they are also great choices for young actors.  Not only are there animated features, a few of which have children's voices, but there are many original movies which use child and teen actors.  The Disney Channel is always on the lookout for talented youngsters. 


According to the Disney web site, open casting calls are scheduled regularly around the world, but this is typically for staff at the Disney related theme parks.  For movie and television work, it is best to have your child represented by a Disney talent agent.  Talent agencies are able to provide information about auditions, but they are also helpful in targeting the types of jobs which your child may be best suited for.


disney movie audition for kid

Typically, children begin in commercials, sometime even as infants, but they may also be picked for modeling jobs, either live action or in catalog type layouts.  The area where you live makes a great deal of difference in the opportunity for commercial work for the child. 

 Some families go so far as to move to one of the locations where modeling and/or acting jobs are more likely to be found, typically Los Angeles or New York City.  These are not the only areas where such jobs are available, but it certainly is more likely than in a small community in the Midwest.




If your child shows an interest in acting, encourage them to try amateur productions such as fashion show modeling and children's theater.  Many of the local children's theater shows welcome parent helpers as well, so this is a great opportunity to do something with and for your child.  The important thing to keep in mind is that there are other parents and children in the performance who may have some of the same aspirations and goals as do you and your child.  At least some of what acting is about is learning to portray certain emotions to others.  This is a good acting exercise for your child.  Rather than allow diva attitudes to surface, convince the child to act as if he or she can get along with the bratty co-star.  This 'make-do' attitude can be very important to producers and directors on the movie set.


Getting the audition is one thing.  Dealing with either the disappointment or the elation afterwards is quite another.  It is important that the child not be unduly stressed nor forced into doing something that they obviously do not want to do. 


So, the best advice for obtaining the most desirable of movie auditions is to get an agent who specializes in child actors; be available; and encourage the child to be a well-rounded individual in every aspect of life. Finally, should your child get an audition for a Disney Channel movie, try to make it a fun experience, rather than a stress filled one.