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Sex In The Clouds Of Lion King


Disney movie sexual innuendos, or movie sex innuendos are considered by some voyeurs to be rampant in the animated Disney films. However, others are not so sure.  As the old saying goes "You see what you look for".  Numerous instances have been listed as examples of this so-called attempt by Disney to corrupt the morals of the children of America. 


Probably the most obvious of the claims has to do with the word 'sex' which supposedly appears in a scene in the Lion King.  A swirling cloud in the night sky supposedly briefly spells out the word "sex".  This was purportedly discovered by a four year old boy who pointed it out to his aunt.  the view of what the youngster saw has been debated ever since it was pointed out, with the view as to whether or not the word actually appears or not seemingly being about equally divided.  Those who are determined to find the word, usually do and can't understand why the opponents of the view can't see anything so obvious.  Those who don't believe the word appears are just as determined in their viewpoint.  So far as is known, no animator has come forward to admit that such a scene was inserted into the movie.


Another commonly cited sex innuendo is that of the erection which the priest shows during the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid.  Again, the proponents of the view and the opponents are about equally divided.  The opponents in this case are quite vocal in stating that the area in question on the priest is not an erection, but his knee.  Anything is possible, of course, but the level of humor which would find putting such a sequence into a children's movie deliberately is the type of person who would probably not be able to resist bragging, or at least sniggering about it to someone else.  Hopefully, all the animators on a given movie would not show the same juvenile level of humor.


disney movie sexual innuendosThe third major example commonly cited as being sexually related humor in Disney movies is the sequence where Jessica Rabbit falls from a moving vehicle.  During her tumble, her dress hikes up and reveals her pubic hair. Again, this is a very brief scene, four frames at most and is really only visible on one frame.  The concept of this view of a animated figure as being even remotely sexual, is difficult to comprehend.  Granted, the age level of viewers in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit is somewhat older than that of other Disney movies, so perhaps this is intended to appeal to the slightly older age group.  Or, the frame showing her public hair could actually be intended to appear as a shadowed area, or light colored panties, or even nothing at all.


The frame in question requires sophisticated viewing equipment, so even if the humor was deliberate, who would know it was there unless the animator or other guilty party couldn't resist bragging about the evil stuff they had been able to do.