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The disney movie toon Channel is a children's cartoon network originally aired is 1998, on the 15th anniversary of the Disney Channel.  The channel usually part of the basic network package offered to cable and satellite viewers.   Toon Disney is a Disney Channel spin off which shows children's cartoons 24 hours daily except for a small amount of live programming. 


The cartoons on Toon Disney were originally older children's cartoon owned by Disney, such as those from Disney Afternoon and One Saturday Morning.  The Toon Disney channel also includes animation shows from DiC Entertainment which was owned by Disney during the launch of Toon Disney. 


Some fans are not thrilled with the addition of one of the major blocks of programming time, Jetix.  This block was originally intended to be the nighttime block for Toon Disney when it was added in 2004, but it has expanded to the point where it has displaced several of the classic Disney cartoons in the daytime schedule. 


disney movie toon


The website for Toon Disney is not maintained and doesn't contain accurate programming information.  Current programming blocks on the channel include Mega Jam.  This begins at 2 pm weekdays and is a different mini marathon each day. 

Monday is Brandy and Mr Whiskers, Tuesday is Hercules, Wednesday is The Proud Family, Thursday is The Emperor's New School, and Friday is miscellaneous older shows.  Mega Jam was added to the scheduled programming in 2006.



In 2007, a five hour block of weekend shows was added.  These shows are based on movie spin off series such as Timon and Pumbaa; The Emperor's New School; Lilo and Stitch: The Series; Aladdin; and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. This programming block is known as the Great Toon Weekend Getaway.


Some of the same individual shows have appeared in programming blocks from the past; Aladdin is one example.  This shows was part of a programming block called 'Hangin' with the Heroes ' which was removed in 2004.


The Toon Disney Channel is cable based, and has only minimal advertising, which is a benefits for parents who prefer their children to avoid commercial plugs.  The channel is commercial free in every country around the world except Italy.  The channel is also available in the UK, India, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, and France.  In India, it is the only channel aired in English, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil.


Most of Toon Disney's programming is animated, but there are some programs which feature live action, or a combination of animation and live action.  During 1998 to 2002 live children were shown in bumpers.  During the bumpers, fan-created animations were featured in live action.  As part of the Jetix block, the Power Rangers show is shown.  Since November 2004, the Muppet movies have been shown on Toon Disney.  The channel also shows Muppets from Space, which is a non Disney owned movie.


Other Disney Channel Original Movies such as Up, Up, and Away and Jett Jackson: the Movie which aren't receiving much Disney Channel exposure currently are being transmitted from Toon Disney.  Two movie theater films: Snow Dogs and Max Keeble's Big Move have also been a part of Toon Disney's recent scheduling.