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Disney Pixar Cars Comforter Sets Black


Lightning McQueen Is Very Popular With Kids


All parents have to know that disney pixar cars comforter sets black and white checkered flag pattern pillow shams, and Lightning McQueen sheets are all part of decorating an entire room with a Cars: The Movie theme.  A complete range of products seems to be attached to each popular movie for children that is released, and Pixar Cars: The Movie is no exception.


When you choose a decorating theme such as Disney Cars: The Movie, you have many products to choose from.  The main characters of the movie, Lightning McQueen and Sally appear on sheets, comforters, curtains and pillows. Bedding sizes are most common for twin bed size, but a few stores feature toddler crib size bedding and even a few full or queen sized sets. 


The four piece toddler bedding set displays McQueen and Tow Mater on a quilted bedspread, fitted top and bottom sheets and a single pillowcase, sized to fit a standard crib mattress. 


disney pixar cars comforter sets black


The twin sized bedding set also features McQueen and Tow Mater on a brilliant blue sheet set with a fitted bottom sheet and flat top sheet plus a standard sized

 pillowcase. The sheet set can be topped with a matching twin bed sized comfortor in the same colors and with the same movie characters.  Both the sheets and comforter can be washed in cold water and tumble dried on a low setting. 




Two different styles of Cars: The Movie full sized sheet sets are available, each in bright blue with Mater and McQueen in brilliant colors.  A matching full sized comforter is available. 


The colors are vibrant and alive, usually strong primary blues, reds and yellows, much as the characters in the movie are presented. 


Several different designs on the micro fiber blankets are available, one with vintage signs, one featuring McQueen alone and one with both McQueen and Mater. 


Several pillows are available with different movie related pictures, but mostly featuring Lightning McQueen.


To add to the décor as you are creating your child’s Car: The Movie room, you can add decorative stickers which are easily removed and moved. Curtains and window valances match the bedding sets, or you can purchase Cars: The Movie fabric and create your own decorating scheme with a Cars theme.


When your child has overnight guests, pull out the Cars sleeping bag which features Lightning McQueen in all his glory. 


Several other Cars: The Movie room décor items are available for a child’s bedroom.  A traffic light lamp featuring his favorite movie characters and a flat screen motion lamp provide lighting.  You can even purchase a Cars toddlers bed for the younger child. Add wall stickers which are self stick or removable to allow your child to participate in the special decorations.  Several designs of Cars wastebaskets are available, even one which exactly matches the bedding sets in color and features Lightning McQueen.


As might be expected, these items do not come cheaply, but by searching such sites as e-bay and Amazon.com as well as Wal-Mart online, you can generally find discounted versions of similar bedding and bedroom accessories.