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Disney Pixar Cars Printable Activity Pages


Route 66 And The Disney Movie Cars 


For parents who are looking for something fun and wholesome for their children disney pixar cars printable activity pages provide many interesting and enjoyable kids level items; some of them are even educational.


For instance, a unit on Geography for home-schoolers might feature Route 66.  This would make a fantastic addendum to viewing the movie Cars: Activities sheets which are printable include of course, coloring pages of the characters in the movie which are suitable for young children.  Those who are able to read might enjoy the Route 66 crossword puzzle, Route 66 cars Word Search, or Route 66 vocabulary list.  The Route 66 Challenge is a combination of vocabulary, geography, trivia and other car and highway facts. The Route 66 Alphabet activity teaches alphabetizing.  The Route 66 Draw and Write activity page encourages your child’s creativity both in writing and in artistry. Route 66 Tic-Tac-Toe uses highway sign game pieces rather than x’s and o’s to keep track of who’s winning. The Route 66 Map Activity asks your child to identify the cities along Route 66. A Route 66 Theme Paper is another writing activity.  Route 66 Bookmarks and Pencil toppers are another coordination activity for a young child.


disney pixar cars printable activity pages 

Cars: The Movie activities are included in a theme party based on Cars:  One popular item helps the guests to make their own Cars photo holder.  Other activity pages based directly on Cars: The Movie include mazes and word searches. 






There are literally dozens of coloring pages for Cars: The Movie which are available to print from your computer and color. The advantage of printing pages from the computer printer is that if you have a child who insists on a perfect product, they can keep trying until they are satisfied with the product.  They can also try different variations on the same picture.


Colored pages can be made into jigsaw puzzles with a little help from parents. In a similar vein, show the child how to create a stencil from a coloring page to decorate a notebook or theme cover, or even the wall in their room.


Printable activity pages are great for quiet trip activities while riding in a car.  Use the coloring pages to create a simple activity book to teach coordination skills such as buttoning, lacing, and zipper.  These colorful and easy activity books are a cinch to make and are an activity that the child can participate in easily. 


Printable activity pages are only limited by your imagination. There are thousands of free coloring and activity pages on the internet.  If you have access to a scanner you can find many more activities for your child.  Sometimes old textbooks (teacher’s editions) have a wealth of activities which you can modify for your own purposes. Teachers used to mimeograph pages for student activity sheets and believe it or not there are still some of those activity pages available. 


Now that Cars:The Movie is available on DVD, find a way to watch it with your child and then make up your own activities to go along with the movie.