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Disney's Pixar's Cars Mack Truck Playset


Wal-Mart Even Offers Many Disney Toys


The disney's pixar's cars mack truck playset was actually developed and produced before the release of the movie in June of 2006.  Wal-Mart stores advertised the product but show it as out of stock at present. The Wal-Mart price lists the online price at $14.84.  A search for the same set on E-Bay, showed a number of brand new copies of the toy ranging in price from about $9.00 including shipping to $14.00.


Wal-Mart presents this as a boy’s toy, but some of the accessories seem like something a young girl might also be interested in playing with.  The toy starts as a detailed Mack Truck, similar to the character in the Pixar movie named Mack.  However, this Mack truck opens out to become a fully equipped bachelor pad for Lightning McQueen.  Your little racer will enjoy hanging out with McQueen and his pals and doing all the things they enjoy. 


disney's pixar's cars mack truck playset

The truck bed opens out to reveal some of Lightning’s favorite activities after a long day at the race track.  First, he needs to clean up and shower.  The car wash has shower heads, spray curtains, and a roller buffer to dry him off after the clean up.  He might want to check to make sure he’s maintaining his trim physique by stepping on the scales.  A spare set of tires is located near the scales.  Next, he might want to check out his selection of tools to make sure none are scattered around the TV watching area. There are side racks and places for all the loose equipment so his bachelor pad need never look cluttered if he gets unexpected visitors. 


Lightning can then proceed to his kitchen to prepare a tasty and nutritious snack while he watches television on the big-screen television.  He can sit in his cushioned rocking lounger to be in just the right position for a quick nap.  If there is nothing interesting on television, he might want to spend some time playing the latest arcade game in his gaming room. 


A tool box, a car lift, and a weight machine are all available for the use of Lightning and his friends.  Just to be sure no one forgets his past successes, there’s a trophy case for the many awards and honors he’s won in the racing world.


The play set is light weight and easy to handle for your youngster,  Since all the small pieces are designed to be included within the closed truck bed, there is fewer opportunities to lose parts and accessories which your child will enjoy playing with.  The Mack truck is bright red with the Rusteze decal prominently displayed on its header.  There metallic detailing on the stacks, wheels and grill and the tires actually turn. 


In order to take advantage of the play set, you will need to purchase the Lightning McQueen car separately, but if your child is already a fan, he may have already acquired at least one of Lightning or his friends.