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Disney World It's A Small World Video


A Disneyland Memorable Musical Moment


It's disney world it's a small world video or DVD is a great choice for the 5-7 year old in your family.  The live actors and animation provide a bouncy sing-along type entertainment venue when the youngsters have too much energy and not enough room to expend it.


The video was originally released in 1992, but it has a current street date of 2005.  Children can join in by singing, playing or dancing to the selection of favorite Disney songs.  The lyrics are printed on-screen to make following along fun and easy.  The memorable musical moments of the favorite characters singing their headline songs helps the child in reading skills as well.  The video is set at the location known for being the happiest spot in the world--Disneyland.  The first scene includes both live actors and favorite Disney characters in a parade around Disneyland.


disney world it's a small world videoMr Owl is the host for a musical celebration with all the Disney favorite friends. 

Mickey and Minnie  lead you through a behind the scenes view at the hustle and bustle of Disneyland.  A front row seat on some of the most exciting rides at Disneyland such as Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Star Tours.  Other characters who appear in the video are Chip 'n' Dale and Roger Rabbit. 


The entire Magic Kingdom is open to the young viewer with lots of humor, singing, and dancing.  Your youngster won't be able to resist singing along with the Disney characters and moving along with the bouncy tunes which are familiar to any child who has ever watched a Disney classic.


The running time is 27 minutes, so it's not long enough for the child to be bored and want to do something different, but it makes a good controlled activity as the child shares the excitement of the action rides and dances along with the familiar tunes.



If you've already made a trip to the Magic Kingdom with your family, this video will be a wonderful way to rekindle the fun you had there.  If you're looking forward to a Disneyland trip in the future, the video is a great way to help give the children a small view of what they can see and do once you start planning your vacation trip to the Magic Kingdom.


Even the behind the scenes shots won't spoil the enchantment of actually experiencing the magic of Disneyland.


Another bonus for parents is the inclusion of one scary episode on the video which can be used to determine if your child can handle visiting the Haunted Mansion for real.  The song is sung by Captain Hook and the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty. 


At least some of the production numbers from the video are no longer done at Disneyland, so if you missed the song "I'm Walking Down Right Down the Middle of Main Street" with characters like Mary Poppins, Donald, Goofy, Mickie, Pluto, Minnie and Alice from Wonderland, now's your chance to remember your own childhood visit to the park and introduce your child to the excitement of a Disney parade.


This is a thoroughly enjoyable and clean video the children will play over and over.