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Disneyland Home Rentals


Disneyland Lodging Provides Many Options For Tourists


Over the years, a thriving business for landowners and housing owners has been built up by the business of disneyland home rentals.  As the area around Anaheim has built up over the years, housing is at a higher price than in other comparable sized cities.  The homeowners in the area have made a successful business by renting out their houses and condos for vacationers who want to spend more time in the Disneyland area without being in a hotel.


The family who wants to visit Disney will find a home rental to be their perfect answer to their Disneyland lodging needs in the area.  The houses for rent range from small cottages and condos to fully equipped 5-6 bedroom mansions. Some of the houses include a pool for enjoyment. 


People who want to spend the time at Disneyland don't care so much about the hotel room because they don't plan to spend much time there anyway.  With the draw of the activities at the Magic Kingdom, the space to sleep is less important then the space to spread out a little which a hotel room doesn't provide.


disneyland home rentalsMost of the houses which are on the lists are fully stocked with towels, linens, dishes, cooking utensils and flatware.  You only need to bring your personal items and your pass to Disneyland.  Of course, you can shop for your favorite food items once you arrive in the area at a nearby supermarket, or choose one of the area restaurants for a quick meal on the go.  Many people choose to dine at one of the Disneyland restaurants.


Another nice amenities that's available in a home rental that you miss out on when you use a hotel room is laundry facilities.  Many of the vacation homes include laundry facilities so that you can complete a load of laundry when you run short of clean clothes for the children. 


Especially if you have children, a rental home in the Disneyland area makes a much better place to stay than a hotel room.  The excitement of Disneyland and the new surroundings of a hotel room may make it difficult for young children to get to sleep.  If you put them to bed in a room of their own in the rental home, at least they will have a better likelihood of settling down and sleeping.


Rates of rental homes in the Disneyland area vary as much as the hotel and motel rooms do.  You can usually rent by the week or month, making it ideal for a vacationing family.  Some families come back to the same rental house year after year and it becomes as much of a tradition as Disneyland itself.


There are some things which are not provided with a home rental though, usually daily maid service only comes at a hotel.  Transportation may be more of an issue, although if you have an automobile, you can choose the location of your rental home to easily commute to Disneyland.  Many of the hotels run shuttle bus service to Disneyland which wouldn't be available if you rent a home.