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Disneyland Hotel And Park Ticket Packages


Offset Your Cost When Not Parked In A Disney Parking Lot


Did you know disneyland hotel and park ticket packages are a way to save on transportation and vacation costs while on your Disneyland vacation.  Because parking spaces are at a premium in Anaheim and because Downtown Disneyland merchants want to encourage business in their restaurants and boutiques, they have entered into agreements with hotels to subsidize the price of parking for guests who eat or shop in the area.  This is particularly beneficial for the out of town guest who has rental or personal transportation.


While staying at one of the sites near Disneyland, guests receive validation on parking when they are not in a Disney parking lot and decide too drive and eat at a local restaurant, or shop at one of the businesses within walking distance of the public parking lots.


disneyland hotel and park ticket packages


This is beneficial to the guests because they can drive their cars to the desired location when they want to eat or shop. They can then have a leisurely meal at the restaurant of their choice with the car parked nearby.  Before leaving the restaurant, they can have the parking lot ticket validated and be able to park free.


Two to three hours of free parking with additional 3 hours possible with validation of parking ticket means plenty of time to enjoy that leisurely meal or to wander along the streets in order to able to finish the entire window shopping or genuine buying experiences which you can cram into the time.


You have time to see a movie, to visit that little food boutique, to find just the right souvenir gift or even a Disneyland trinket for yourself.


A growing number of merchants, not just in Disneyland confines, but all over the country are electing to subsidize the cost of customer parking because otherwise, people won’t go to the effort of pulling their car out of the hotel parking lot.  That may be fine with the officials at Disneyland, but the downtown merchants in the meantime are seeing dropping revenues.  It’s just like the old controversy between mom and pop operations and chain stores.  The downtown merchants complain about people going to the suburban malls, but neglect to do anything which will make the downtown shopping a good experience.


In the case of Disneyland, by encouraging free parking in Downtown Disney, all the parties benefit.  The downtown merchants and food businesses get customers because there is parking provided. The hotels provide positive encouragement because they are willing to encourage customers to shop in the entire area, not just at the on-site shops. The guests have additional places with more selections with easy parking and the parking is free.  Parking can be made more plentiful as there is shared cost of developing the lots.


This is being presented as a package deal in Disneyland hotels.  Guests and visitors both can benefit from increased shopping and dining activities without the extra charges which parking can entail.  Particularly during the evening hours, when there may be unique entertainment activities, visitors appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of the parking dining and shopping as well as entertainment.