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Disneys Pixar Mega Garage


Lightning McQueen Overhead Door


Among the abundance of children’s toys with a “Cars: The Movie” theme are cars, slot car racing sets, bedding and decals.  Another special item has hit the market with a Cars theme.  The disneys pixar mega garage takes advantage of the fascination with Lightning McQueen and his friends. Children's love for a small hidey-hole space and turns it into a play tent fully decorated and designed to look like a mechanics garage suitable for Radiator Springs.


The play tent measures five foot by five foot and stands 5 feet tall.  It’s suitable for imagination rich play of children ages three through seven.  From the front, the play tent has the appearance of an old-time small town garage; above the door opening which looks like a roll-up overhead door is a giant picture of Lightning McQueen with his name in script.  One could imagine that McQueen won his race and came back to Radiator Springs to open his own garage business.


disneys pixar mega garage


The play tent is designed to look like red brick, but is actually very lightweight and easy to set up; In fact, it just pops up.  When not in use, it folds flat and stores in its own carrying case. 






The front of the play tent features pictures of Sally Carrera, Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen as if they were parked and waiting for the business to open and welcome customers.  Painted signs and posters on the front of the ‘garage’ let the customers know where to find the gas, and that a specialized tune up is available inside. 


Your little racer and friends could spend many happy hours imagining that this is a real pit stop location for the next been Radiator Springs race. Since the space will hold up to 6 children, there’s plenty of room to bring their cars to the master mechanics who work in Lightning McQueen’s Garage.


On the side of the play garage is another opening; this one looks like a bright blue curtain has been pulled aside to allow access into the interior.  Beside the doorway is a stack of wheels for sale and more posters—all surface decoration, but appearing surprisingly like the real thing, as seen in Cars: The Movie. Above the doorway is a set of checkered flags, surely the ones seen when Lightning McQueen crossed the finish line in a successful finish to one of his races.


The back wall of the play tent features a tunnel crawlway just right for exiting the garage by a child with repaired and tuned-up cars. The bold vibrant colors and the sturdy construction of the garage means that your child will probably outgrow the play tent before it will wear out.


In the meantime, Lightning McQueen and his friends in Radiator Springs can be a part of your child’s special space.  It’s even sturdy enough to use as a backyard campout tent for up to six children.  So, if you want him to go to sleep and dream good thoughts about the fun he’s had during the day, this play space is a good way to do it.