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Games from disney chanel is a repeat of the 2006 weekly mini-series which airs on the Disney Channel over the summer months. The contestants are made of up four teams which are color coded Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  The Yellow team is new this year. In addition to the competitions by the stars from various Disney Channel movies, viewers at home are able to play the games online and send the points earned to their favorite players and teams. 


The four teams for 2007 include:


Blue Team  Corbin Bleu  -  Corbin plays the character of Izzy Daniels, the lead role in the movie Jump In.  Previous credits include Chad in High School Musical.  Kiely Williams is best known for her role as Aquanette Walker in Cheetah Girls and as a member of 3LW.  This girl band has released several CD's to date. Cole Sprouse is one of the identical twin brothers starring in the Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Maiara Walsh plays  a friend in Cory in the House. Jake T Austin Plays Chris in the surfing sequel to Johnny Tsunami.


games from disney chanelRed Team  Brenda Song - Brenda played the starring role in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.  Ashley Tisdale has had a role in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and played Sharpay in High School Musical. Adrienne Bailon is most recently known for her role as Chanel in The Cheetah Girls.  She is also a member of 3LW.  Mitchell Musso is currently starring as Oliver Oken in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. Jason Earles is cast as Hannah Montana's older brother Jackson Stewart in the popular Disney Channel Series.  In 2006 Jason was part of the first Disney Games winning Blue Team. Moises Arias is a series regular as Rico on Hannah Montana.



Green Team - Lucas Grabeel - The captain of the Green Team is best known for his role as Ryan Evans in High School Musical.  Monique Coleman co-starred in High School Musical as Taylor McKessie, best friend of Gabriella Montez. Brandon Baker is best known for his starring role in Johnny Tsunami. Dylan Sprouse is one of the twins in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.  Miley Cyprus is cast in the role of Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel series of the same name.


Yellow Team - Kyle Massey - The newest acting job for Kyle is as the lead in Cory in the House. Shin Koyamada played the role of  Shen in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.  Michael Seater plays a recurring part as Owen in ReGenesis. Emily Osment is Lilly Truscott in Hannah Montana.  Jason Dolley plays Conner Kennedy in Read it and Weep. Sabrina Bryan is Dorinda Thomas in The Cheetah Girls movie and is also part of the girl bank of the same name.


The 2007 competition was held in Disney's Wide World of Sports arena in late April 2007.  The nine events for the competition include Dunking Booth, Simon Says, Splash Trivia, Rock Paper Scissors, Super Soccer, Extreme Egg Toss, and others.  Segments from the filming of the live event will be aired throughout the summer.