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Get An Audition for A Disney Channel Movie


Hannah Montana Was Sought After By Many


Dozens of young aspiring actors and actresses ask about how to get an audition for a disney channel movie each day.  With the success rates of Disney films and the popularity of the current TV shows such as Hannah Montana, it’s not too surprising that auditioning in hopes of getting one of the positions would be number one item on any young actor.


While many think that being on a show such as Hannah Montana would mean fame, fortune and easy security, in fact most young people have to work very hard in order land an audition for any of the Disney positions. 


Landing a part on a Disney movie or any other role usually demands a real desire to succeed.  You might begin by letting your parents or a school guidance counselor know about your interest.  If possible to do so, try out your intentions on amateur productions.  Learn about acting from your drama teacher if you’re still in school. 


get an audition for a disney channel movie

Subscribe to entertainment industries newspapers or magazines or you can usually find them in libraries.  These journals will have notices of upcoming auditions which might be available in your area. 


One important thing to consider before you should even begin the process of acting, whether it is in commercials, movies, or television shows is to get a good agent.  Find one either by word of mouth, searching the internet or checking out advertisements in the trade papers, who will understand and represent your unique strengths and weaknesses as an actor.


Many young people interested in an acting career are represented by one or both parents, but that can lead to complications and lost opportunities if your parent doesn’t understand the business. 


Disney Company hires literally thousands of people each year to perform as characters, DJ’s, VJ’s and other positions within the organization.  These can be summer jobs or permanent positions, full time or part time work.  Disney Company is ranked by Business Week as one of the best places in the entertainment industry for their recruiting methods and procedures.  You can apply online, but Disney also does a great deal of recruiting on college campuses. 


A lengthy and complete list of openings is posted on the Disney careers web site where you can narrow your search by geographic location, type of work and level of experience required.  The site also provides helpful information about selecting an agent. A helpful link provides locations and destinations of various audition sites.

For example, you can check out an audition for Disneyland Tokyo as easily as one on a Disney Cruise line.


The most important thing you can do for yourself is to take every opportunity to polish your craft.  If you can gain experience in amateur productions, on the job, or through classes, you will still be learning about the work of acting.  Sometimes a young person is picked by sheer happenstance or luck, but it happens less often than you might imagine.  Most parts in movies or television shows are the result of working and dedication.