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Group Tickets For Walt Disney World In Florida


Disney Group Sales Packages Can Save You Some Dollars 


Some of the official travel agencies who receive wholesale ticket prices are able to arrange group tickets for walt disney world in florida at substantially reduced prices below even the discounted rates and the Florida resident rates.  Travel agencies who specialize in Disney World vacations have the capability to work with groups of ten or more people which fall within certain categories in order to provide a reduced package for a trip to Walt Disney World Resort.


Some of the groups which have qualified in the past to take advantage of the disney group sales rates include:


n       Scouting groups – Disney has a special program known as Y.E.S. (Youth Education Series) which helps youngsters earn their merit badges for Walt Disney World learning adventures.  Attractions of particular interest to scout groups are Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  This attraction is found at the Magic Kingdom theme park Tomorrowland area.  Will you be the one to fire your laser cannon and save the world from the evil clutches of villain Zurg?  The Swiss Family Treehouse is also popular with scouting groups.  It’s found at the Magic Kingdom.


group tickets for walt disney world in florida

 Church groups – Your next church group outing to Disney can be planned around  the ages and preferred activities of the group.  By arranging for heavily discounted group prices, there will be more cash so you may even be able to stay an extra day. 


The services of the skilled travel agencies associated with the Orlando area theme parks take on most of the burden of organizing and arranging the activities, leaving you free to enjoy your Walt Disney World trip. 


Some of the favorite church group attractions include Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Pirates of the Caribbean.


n       Student groups – The fun and memories stored up during a Walt Disney World class trip will last a lifetime. Because there are so many types of activities in close proximity to one of the prime resort hotels, students can pick and choose their favorites.  Rock n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is a popular attraction and Dinosaur is another which is rated as a favorite by teenagers.  Of course the water parks are worth at least one day in the Florida sunshine.


n       Competition Groups – Youth groups, soccer teams, volleyball teams, basketball teams, cheerleaders, dance groups—any group of youngsters who are coming to the Orlando area for a competition are invited to stay and play by taking advantage of the group rates at Disney World.  The entertainment is superb, but the group will also enjoy the themed hotels and the great opportunities for food and shows at discounted rates.


In addition to the above groups, Disney World will work with community groups, school bands, professional groups or any kind of organization that’s looking for a fun way to get together. Taking advantage of these special rates helps in planning all parts of your group trip.  Not only entertainment, but lodging, transportation and food can be planned with the help of the professionals, thereby taking the burden off the organization and allowing everyone concerned to enjoy their stay.