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Understanding Hades The Disney Movie


More Than Just A Walt Disney Character


When you think of hades the disney movie you think of a hot place with fire and brimstone, or perhaps the Greek Mythological God of the Underworld.  However, the character remains the same but there is another variation to this name.  Ask any child who watches Disney films or has been to Walt Disney World and they will tell you, He is the Bad Guy or God Hercules fought in his movie.  The Walt Disney Character is the version that this particular article will pertain to, however all the different Tales rotates around each other, on the internet where stories mingle and facts are rearranged.


Walt Disney brought this super villain star to the big screen in 1997, with the voice of James Woods followed by the Kingdom of Hearts series.  Both of these Animations have the same character and are based upon the Greek God the ruler of the Underworld. 


Hades the Disney Movie

When Walt Disney Corporation cast James Woods as his star voice, James Woods decided to bring his character to life using a car dealership style of voice, this animated character with hair of blue flames and then red-hot when he became angry he gave children a villain they could really get into.  Children got into rooting against Hades so much that his character was carried into the Kingdom of Hearts Series and Disney’s House of Mouse.  You can also find Hades on television in the Fantasmic Series and Hercules the Animated Series.  



With all of this fame and popularity we may forget his cohorts or underlings, such as Pain and Panic, or The Queen from Snow White and Jafar who brought Hades on to fight Mickey Mouse, with even Maleficent and Cerberus from Kingdom of Hearts. He has even tricked good guys such as Cloud Strife into fighting on his side, each of these secondary characters bring their own bit of mischief and creditability to the sinister Greek God.  Each of these characters through their own silliness or the inability to get the job done were able to do this, while others were much more sinister in some situations when you compare them to Hade.  


The sinister villain has done many different deeds on the big screen to bring down the infamous Hercules.  One in particular is when The Greek God bringing back Auron from the dead to kill him.  For the Final Fantasy fans out there you may recognize this character if not by name then definitely by his phrase, “his story”.  In the 1997 movie Hercules he uses endearing Megara or Meg who has traded her soul to rescue her lover, however the lover betrays Meg and through her bitterness Hades uses her for his evil deeds.  He uses the fact that Hercules is trying to be a hero and places Meg in a danger so Hercules can rescue her.  Picture how this plan fails as Meg falls for Hercules in return and Meg in the end refuses to follow through with her end of the bargain.  He uses Hercules’ love for Meg to weaken him so he and the Titans could take over Mount Olympus.  Hercules of course triumphs over He and in retaliation and pure nasty villain’s tradition; Hades takes Meg back to the Underworld with him.  Hercules swam the River Styx almost dying and rescues Meg from He.


You can also find the co star battling Hercules over Mount Olympus in Marvel Comics as well.  With the vast number of places, movies, dvd's and books you can see Hades in, it is no wonder he has become such a popular villain.