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 Hannah Montana Is Played By Real Life Actress Miley Cyrus


Have you seen hannah mountannana disney channel bid to capture the between audience with music, high school romance and family complications. Main character, Miley Stewart is a teenager from Tennessee with a music writer dad, a brother Jackson who is a born salesman, a best friend Lilly, and a definite interest in Oliver.  Miley also has a secret double life.  She’s Hannah Montana, world-touring, knock-‘em-dead teenage singing star. 



Miley wants to live a normal life when she’s not on a world tour or doing a recording contract; only her closest friends can be permitted to know about her double life as Hannah.  Miley is played by Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus who plays the dad on the show. Miley originally auditioned for the part of Lilly, the best friend. The name of the lead character was originally Zoë Stewart, then Chloe Stewart, and finally Miley Stewart when she got the part. Miley Cyrus, performing as Hannah Montana actually performs the stage show concert opening scenes of the movie. 


hannah mountannana disney channel


Miley’s older brother, 16 year old Jackson Stewart is played by Jason Earles. 

Jackson like his father keeps her secret, but is sometimes just a little jealous of all her attention. Jackson is the comic relief of the show, not anxious to take on anything that will require too much effort.  He is willing to cover for his sister, but never successfully enough to keep his dad from finding out.  His best friend is Cooper, and Jackson is proud owner of a car with a truck horn and Low-rider appearance.



Jason Earles, the actor who plays Jackson is age 29 but still retains that adolescent look.  He holds a number of movie credits including American Pie IV where he played the lead, and Phil of the Future.


Miley’s best girl friend is Lilly Truscott.  Lilly is a huge fan of Hannah Montana, which is how she found out Miley’s secret.  Lilly attends Hannah’s concerts as Lola LaFronda wearing punk clothes and a dark red wig; and as Lola Luftnagle, wearing purple hair and cyberpunk clothing.  Lilly is played by actress Emily Osment.  She is able to do animation voices and has appeared in several special appearances.


Oliver Oken is the third of the trio of friends.  He’s played by actor Mitchel Musso.  He made fun of Miley’s Nashville background, but still isn’t sure how to deal with her singing or her double life. Musso at age 15 is younger than the two females and is best known for his work in this role.


Robby Ray Stewart is the fictional father, played by Billy Ray Cyrus in the Disney Channel movie. The character is roughly based upon the life of the actor. Cyrus is a well-known country music star. The actor is 45, lost his wife, and is good at providing advice for Miley and Jackson.  The character is a songwriter and also serves as Hannah Montana’s agent and manager while she is performing.  He wears a fake mustache to avoid being recognized.