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Walt Disney Created A Kingom Built Around Having Fun


Finding informative speech about walt disney world is made easy by the use of the internet.  Information about the park usually falls into one of several different categories: history, physical layout, rates, and accommodations.




Walt Disney World was the last major project which Walt Disney personally worked on prior to his death in 1966, but he didn't live long enough to see it completed. The very first five acre plot on the site of what would become Disney World was bought in October 1964, with two large land purchases following in May of 1965.  In November of 1965, the press conference to explain the plans for the development of the park was held.  At that time the emphasis was on Epcot Center.  Interestingly enough, the original plan for Epcot, the second phase of the Park, was originally very different from what has finally evolved. 


informative speech about walt disney world



Today, the Walt Disney World resort consists of four separate theme parks and two water parks.  The Magic Kingdom was the original draw to the site, followed by Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios and  the Animal Kingdom.  The two water parks along draw millions of people to the resort each year. The 20,000 acre site makes Walt Disney World the largest theme park resort in the world. 



In addition to the theme parks and water parks, the resort includes golf courses, a sports development, an race track for automobiles, 20 plus resort hotels and lodging accommodations and many restaurants and other shopping opportunities. 




The rates are dependent upon so many variables it's difficult to keep track.  There are different prices if you prefer to focus on one theme park only or whether you want to do some park-hopping.  The water parks only cost a different fee, or you can mix and match a water park and a theme park.  If you plan to stay at the resort, you are eligible for extra hours at some of the theme parks.  Florida residents can get a reduced rate for a few days or for the entire season pass. Probably a season pass makes the most sense from a strictly economic standpoint, actually costing less for a family of four than equivalent individual once only tickets.


The resort is open year around and least busy during the months of September, October and November.  During times when the parades are running in the theme parks, you can often reduce your waiting time in line for some of the rides.




There are several major hotels on the WDW Resort property,  The non-themed hotels are owned by some of the national chains, while the themed hotels include Disney's Beach Resort Hotel, Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter. Thousands of guest rooms are located in nearby Orlando, The off-site hotels provide extra price amenities to entire people to stay in their.  There are wonderful choices for dining both at on-site locations such as Epcot Center and off site restaurants found in Orlando and other nearby towns.